The best new bars and cocktail menus of 2022

“We’re back, baby,” screamed the entire bar industry as it reopened for business again. That’s why 2022 is a good year for alcohol lovers. If you haven’t caught up yet, here are this year’s highlights, from the best new bars to the most exciting new menus.

New bars, new menus, new faces, everyone is celebrating with a few drinks in hand. This year alone has seen many happenings around Bangkok. Want to be introduced to a new bar? There is a couple in Thonglor. New face? Many competitions have been revived. How about a new spirit you’ll love? The Bangkok Bar Show welcomes you again this year.

See if you’ve missed any big events. Here’s your chance to catch up on this year’s highlights.

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Where to drink in Bangkok: highlights for 2022

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The devil works hard, but the Yolo group works harder

Teens of Thailand, Asia Today and Tux have established themselves as go-to choices for adventures on Soi Nana, and this looks set to be their busiest year yet. This year, every bar has devised a new drink her menu, adding to their already star-studded selection of cocktails. Who cares for the Pineapple and Chili Gin Tonic?

In May, Independence opened as a ‘proper dive spot’ with a menu full of playful and sophisticated choices. Stop in for a drink and take in the atmosphere. All in all its brooding hip-hop glory.

In early November, the Bangkok Bar Show was held, attracting not only familiar faces from the beverage industry, but also many talented people from around the world. If you missed it this year, don’t miss it next time. At a cost, we bought ourselves two bottles of rum from the event and it was well worth it.

Most recently, Yolo Group also opened a pawnshop-themed bar called Untitled. This bar has a unique atmosphere even in an area full of drinking establishments such as Thonglor. Expect great cocktails and an impressive line-up of DJs as usual.

If that wasn’t enough, Teens of Thailand has announced a second branch in Udon Thani, just steps away from Centara Hotel Udon Thani. Stop by whenever you’re in town and miss Soi Nana.

Image Credits: Find Locker Rooms

Find The Locker Room’s new menu got us hooked on all things retro

The very hidden speakeasy, famous for its locker doors, debuted a new menu this year and still can’t get over it.

“Time Capsule V1” is a very original and well-thought-out drink from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s that brings us back with a drink that allows us to feel the joy and passion from the maker during the tasting. gave me Each cocktail is named after an iconic music, movement, or other highlight of the decade. Sip the gin-based drink ‘Flower Power’, inspired by 1960s slogans of passive resistance and non-violence, or escape the busy city for the empowerment-inspiring cocktail ‘Have Fun’. You can also enjoy Kerr’s karaoke where you can enjoy Cyndi Lauper’s timeless and iconic hits from the 80’s.

We loved the menu so much we even interviewed the drinks manager ‘Ping’ Rojanat. Read all about it here.

For more information, see Find The Locker Room.

Image credit: Vesper

Vesper’s New Menu Celebrates Us, Bar Guests

When it comes to impressive cocktails, Vesper cannot be left out of any list. They recently debuted 14 new drinks on a menu created by bar manager Frederico Barzarini and his talented team, each highlighting the uniqueness of those who frequent the place. One of the best places to introduce your friends to cocktail culture.

Our favorites on the menu include the Miami Vice Vesper, a brightly colored cocktail made with Coconut Tanqueray Gin, Ketel One Vodka, and Strawberry Dry Vermouth; Mango Manhattan and others. House vermouth blend, white port and absinthe.

See Vesper for more information.

Image credit: The Japanese Highball Bar 1923 Krung Thep

The Japanese Highball Bar 1923 Krung Thep brings everything we love about Japan to Thonglor

“All we love about Japan” means, of course, alcohol and unparalleled Japanese hospitality. If you love highballs, this lovely spot in Commons Thonglor will give you the smoothest highballs you’ll ever taste. It’s so smooth, in fact, that I thoroughly researched how to make the perfect highball.

With a meticulous and meticulous approach to whiskey, they have made sure everything is done right to create the best possible drink.From the ultra-soft water from Hokkaido to the smooth surface ice, You can actually see the art of Japanese highball at a reasonable price.

While you’re there, try their bar food.

For more information, visit The Japanese Highball Bar 1923 Krung Thep.

Where to drink at Bangkok Mahaniyom Bar
Image Credits: Mahanyom Cocktail Bar

Mahaniyom opened above 100 Mahaseth

Chef Chalee Kader’s beloved 100 Mahaseth restaurant has teamed up with former Backstage Bar partners Ronnaporn ‘Neung’ Kanivichaporn and Chennarong ‘Janz’ Bhumichitr to offer an intimate Thai-inspired venue. Our cocktail menu includes not only sustainable selections, but also the most interesting and surprising ingredients.

Try the ‘Kau’ made with red wine, brandy, beef tallow, clarified milk, miso, black pepper, brown butter and blue cheese foam. If you’ve never done anything like this before, we know. Once you try it, you’ll fall in love with how well these ingredients work together.

Also try our very good bar snacks.

For more information, visit Mahanyom Cocktail Bar.

Where to drink in Bangkok March 2022
Image Credits: Ahembar

Opium Bar is the hottest new restaurant bar in Bangkok’s Chinatown.

Speaking of fancy restaurants with a must-see bar, the book-filled Potón’s fourth and fifth floors are now occupied by Matteo Cadedou and his team of talented mixologists. Opium’s “Liquid Surreality” concept showcases a combination we never knew we needed: a cozy New York hangout his space and a late-night Chinatown spirit.

We especially enjoyed the ‘Judge Me Not’ made with choya single year plums, prosecco, basil foam and potato cracks. Crack means, or at least is said to be Potong’s special umami-packed powder. A kiss from the bartender that immediately brings out the warmth of basil and the sweetness of plum wine.

For more information, visit Opium Bar.

Image credit: Villa Frantzén/Facebook

Villa Frantzen Cocktail Bar brings Nordic goodness to Bangkok

If you live in Bangkok, you’ve probably heard of Villa Frantzen and its grand opening. One of the most impressive parts of this place is the cocktail bar, with the menu curated by bar-her manager Gabriel Valdes.

The bar embraces Nordic modernity, with Scandinavian tasting notes and local produce served in every glass. Balancing these natural flavors with interesting ingredients takes great care and is definitely a must when heading out on the town.

In addition, if you get hungry, you can also order specialties from the kitchen of Villa Frantzén here.

For more information, visit Villa Frantzén.

Image credits: Manatsu no Yume no Bar

A Midsummer Night’s Dream opening itself is a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Thonglor has found another speakeasy this year, but this one is unlike any other speakeasy. A Midsummer Night’s Dream bar sits above a flower shop with a long name inspired by Shakespeare’s comedies.

The “Act I” menu introduced creative drinks balanced like a Shakespearean play ( Macbeth). Each drink has floral as a recurring theme, but surprisingly, you’re never overwhelmed by this, even after a few drinks.

Be sure to try the Theseus Morning Hunt, a complex yet imaginative drink made from Niamh White Pampero rum, Caribbean pineapple liqueur and custard.

For more information, visit Midsummer Night’s Dream Bar.

Image credit: The House on Sathorn/Facebook

The House on Sathorn’s bar revived with historic menu

If you’ve ever passed through the Sathorn area, The House may be familiar. A beautiful vintage mansion surrounded by skyscrapers in front of the main W Bangkok hotel.

This year it reopened with a new atmosphere, new drinks and new food inspired by the building’s rich history. The menu is divided into his four sections: ‘History of Sathorn’, ‘Hotel Royal’, ‘Embassy Row’ and ‘Present’, with cocktails and snacks representing each era.

We know you love a little story in your drink.

For more information, see The House on Sathorn.

Image credit: Lost & Found Bangkok/Facebook

Lost & Found and Maggie Choo’s are back.It’s memorable and iconic

One thing I definitely missed during the pandemic was drag shows. Lots of drinks, fun energy throughout the bar, and a wild night with performers lip-syncing their house boots.

It’s great to see the iconic Lost & Found reopen this year on the 3rd floor of the Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel with new happy hours and live shows. A new Sunday Gay Night is also back at Maggie Choo’s. It’s filled with free shots, gay anthems, and sexual innuendos.

Dolls are busy with reservations, so please go out and support local talent.

For more information, visit Lost & Found and Maggie Choo’s.

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