The Best Drinks We Had in Dallas in 2022

No meal is complete without a refreshing drink. There have been many this year. We tried historic beers, vermouth cocktails in IV bags, and seasonal beers. Here are the drinks food critic Brian Reinhart and his dining editor Natalie Kemmonkoon best tasted online.

A Polish-style lager with a family history. Jerzy, that lager Celestial Beer Works It uses Polish hops and is named after Jerzy “Jerry” Rawicki, the grandfather of Celestial’s two founders. Rawicki, a Holocaust survivor, optician and author, died this year at the age of 94, just before Celestial began brewing beer in his honor. It’s not always available as Polish ingredients have to be flown in, but if you find one, grab it. Crunchy and clean tasting, his QR his code on the can links to a video of him Rawicki revisiting his Warsaw ghetto and describing his experience there. – Brian Reinhart

Tatsu Dallas gin and tonic. After finishing the Ramat orange wine at Tatsu Dallas At the recommendation of Beverage Director Janice Brown, I turned to Brown and asked her thoughts on cocktails. said to be popular among The drink is refreshing and tangy, like a gin and tonic. – Natalie Kemonkoon

Blankaroom amaro transfusion. yes itIt’s a $24 cocktail, but you get more than one delicious glass of his homemade vermouth. blanker room Owner James Slater. This drink is especially fun to drink, it comes in an IV bag and is suspended over one giant ice-filled cocktail glass.I will pour it into the glass as it is. – NK

of A sophisticated cocktail at the Ayahuasca Cantina. Do you like bitter cocktails?no, but you TRUE Like a bitter cocktail? We’re not talking about cocktails where one bitter ingredient is balanced by lots of sweet stuff. We’re not talking about sours not actually tasting sour. We’re talking about cocktails that are all booze and all bitter. If that sounds great, Ayahuasca Order the Sophisticado, a combination of sotol and 3 different aperitifs. Quinine, bitterroot and sotol flavors combine for a tangy, tantalizing sip. –BR

All cocktails to sample from Jettison. Sorry if that wasn’t specific enough, but it’s true. Tom Kha Gai Guys is what I always tell my friends, but next time I’m going to try the Great Pretender (scotch, bitter aperitif, sesame oil) is. –BR

A perfect latte from La La Land Kind Cafe. MeLet you in my guilty pleasure: I won’tI don’t drink a lot of non-black coffee, but when I want cream and sugar, I buy a Perfect Latte. la la landOnce you have it, prepare to face a drink that will wake you up and satisfy your sweet tooth. I almost always have it hot and with oat milk. – NK

Christmas beer from pegasus city. The brewery’s holiday saisons aren’t as over-the-top holiday-themed as most. For example, there is no overuse of Winter Spices or Roasted His Toasty Dark His Malt. A classic French saison with a little edge. It’s spiced, maybe picking up a bit of ginger, but they’re subtle, balanced, and blend into the beer. It’s a lovely pint and a reason to look forward to colder weather each year. –BR

Vienna Lager from Dallas’ newest brewery. Autonomous Society is a small brewpub in Cedars that serves many local favorites in addition to its own brews. Dean his Weaver is releasing more and more of his own concoctions. His Acard street lager was one of his most perfectly balanced, assertive and flavorful tastes of his Viennese style seen in the city. for a long time. It was a “beer flavored beer” but with all the elements dialed to the max. It is thirst-quenching and stimulating at the same time. what’s next? –BR


Brian Reinhart

Brian Reinhart

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Brian Reinhart will be D Magazine’s Restaurant Critic in 2022. dallas observer and the Dallas Morning News.

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Natalie Kemonkoon

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Nataly Keomoungkhoun joins D Magazine in 2022 as Online Dining Editor. Previously, she worked for the Dallas Morning News, but…

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