The 8 best beverages to buy at Costco

As we said before, Costco is arguably the best one-stop shop for bulk groceries, and its convenience is especially welcomed during the holiday season. When it comes to beverages, they really run the gamut.From coffee and tea to sodas and plant-based milks, Costco has plenty to cover your beverage needs not just for the holiday season, but beyond.

We’ve outlined some of our favorite options (and deals) here. These items appeal to any and all dietary restrictions, tastes, or preferences. Bonus? They all taste great and are all great deals as well.

Keep these on hand this holiday season and your guests (and you) will be super happy with your home beverage selection.

This listing adds to Salon Food’s ever-growing library of supermarket guides. If you’re looking for a particularly festive snack, check out Aldi’s list of the best holiday products.

Whether you’re purposefully avoiding milk or just in the mood to try this rapidly rising popularity of non-dairy milk, this super affordable 6-carton oat milk pack is a bargain. Costco’s website says it’s “kosher, non-GMO, USDA organic, 100% vegan,” and “made with super-tasting rolled oats.”

You can sip this just like regular milk, add it to cereal or coffee, or even bake it with it.

handle: $13.99 for six 32 oz cartons.

According to, this variety pack featuring Sparkling Apple, Sparkling Mango, Sparkling Blackberry, and Sparkling Clementine is, well, pack According to the product package, the flavor of “no added sugar, no preservatives” sparkling sparkling juice is on the rise.

It’s hard to find any other product that’s refreshing. It’s fizzy and “pop” of seltzer or soda and has a juice flavor so you can have one of these with just about any meal (or snack) .

handle: $18.99 for a 24 count variety pack of 8.4 oz beverages.

For years, Naked Juice has been my go-to whenever I’m feeling down. This variety pack offers great flavors. Costco is “100% fruit juice smoothie blend” with “no added sugar” and “no added preservatives”. It also ships refrigerated and comes in Strawberry Banana, Mighty Mango, Berry Blast, and Blue Machine flavors. It’s a great way to start the morning, but honestly, it’s a great way to keep you energized throughout the day.

handle: $19.99 for a 12 count variety pack of 10 oz bottles.

These pressed juices are very popular, and with good reason. Featuring 9 bottles and 9 “shots”, these kosher juices with no added sugar or added water are free of preservatives and made from 100% fruits and vegetables.

According to Costco’s website, these juices “include carrots and beets, known for their rich color and sweet flavor… [and] Promotes liver health, fights free radicals, calms the nervous system and protects eyesight. Plus, the citrus and green juices are “perfectly blended,” and shots of them absorb nutrients and flavor quickly.

handle: $69.99 for nine 12-ounce bottled juices and nine 2-ounce shots.

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These sweet, creamy drinks aren’t what they seem at first.

“Like our other bi-flavours, our Cocofusion® beverages have 1 gram of sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and are infused with antioxidants,” said Costco. the website says. “At Bai, we have reimagined and expanded the superpower of water beyond basic hydration.”

These beverages are essentially flavored waters with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, but boast amazing and unique flavors such as Madagascar Coconut Mango, Moloka’i Coconut and Puna Coconut Pineapple. Also, each bottle contains only 10 calories and 1 gram of sugar.

handle: $23.99 for a 15 count variety pack of 18 oz bottles.

Rich, slightly tart, and powerful, this cold brew pairs beautifully with creamers of any kind or flavor, giving you a pretty potent burst of caffeine to power you through the day. oz, 100% Colombian Cold Brew Coffee. You can drink it straight from the can, or fill a large glass with ice and then add cream that cascades across the glass to enjoy. You can’t go wrong with this coffee option.

handle: $18.99 for 12 count 11 oz cans.

Combined with the effervescence of seltzer and the boost of an energy drink, Celsius is a compelling combination. The drinks are completely sugar-free, gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, and vegan, according to

The site also mentions that they are a “clinically proven dietary supplement” and come in three flavors: Orange, Kiwi Guava, and Wildberry.

handle: $31.99 for an 18-count variety pack of 12 oz bottles.

Pure and smooth, these green teas are bold yet delicate with no added sugar. According to, they are non-GMO and made in Taiwan. If you’re looking for iced tea without the bitterness, this is the drink for you.

handle: $15.89 for a 12-count pack of 16.9 oz bottles.

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