The 5 best low-calorie drinks to order at the bar

It is inevitable. With the new year underway, most of us at least want to get in shape after the sugar-filled holiday season—for better or worse, those cookies are delicious and Mom’s gravy is silky. Smooth and decadent like mulled his wine was flowing. Whether your goal is to drop a few pounds or clean all those sugar plums from your body, there are good reasons to clean up our diets come January. Some even opt for a dry January, abstaining from alcohol altogether, during what feels like a dark moon. More power to you, if that’s your thing! Thank you. But for those with slightly weaker willpower who still want to get their system in order, there is another, less extreme method.

Simply choosing low-calorie alcoholic beverages is a perfectly reasonable compromise. Instead of indulging with a creamy, whipped candy cane rim, you might just order a vodka soda. A diet gin and tonic after eating all of Uncle Marv’s eggnog is certainly refreshing, light, and refreshing. That’s it.

Nice craft cocktails. Unfortunately, they’re full of calorie-carrying simple syrups, sugary drink mixers, and hidden fats. There are plenty of options that are much better than hard seltzer or light beer.

lemon and lime vodka soda

This popular cocktail may already be your favourite. Knowing it’s low in calories is just a bonus. With just 133 calories per 8-ounce serving, you can casually enjoy vodka soda without worrying about your waistline.



I like Paloma as a low calorie option because it tastes luxurious. Fruit juices are usually high in sugar and calories, but grapefruit is surprisingly low in calories. This classic cocktail of tequila and lime tastes like vacation and will set you back just 158 ​​calories per 8-ounce serving.

rum and diet coke

Kasim Malik/Unsplash

Another classic bar staple, this low-calorie mixed drink is simple and delicious. Substituting a regular for Diet Coke cuts the calories in half, turning a 200-calorie cocktail into a 100-calorie cocktail per 8 oz.

White wine

White wine for lunch

If you’re more of a wine lover than a cocktail fan, don’t be disappointed. white Wine has a perfectly reasonable calorie count. Prosecco has only 90 calories per 5 ounces. The good news doesn’t end there. Varieties such as dry Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc return only about 115 calories. cheers!

gin and diet tonic

Refreshing and unpretentious, gin and tonics are a beloved favorite. Much like rum or cola, this easy-to-mix drink easily turns into a low-calorie option by substituting diet for a regular tonic. It’s a delicious low-calorie option at your bar.

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