Teens Raise Voice Against Man Forcing Wife to Drink Liquor at Jhansi Restaurant

Last update: December 27, 2022 at 10:37 AM IST

The teens confront a man at a Jhansi restaurant who makes his wife drunk. (Representative photo: Reuters)

Twitter user Shweta Kothari shared a thread about how a group of brave teens protested against a man who forced alcohol down his wife’s throat at a restaurant in Jhansi.

Young people can get all kinds of bad publicity for moving away from oppressive structures, but they are the future of the country. Her brave group of teens in Jhansi have proven just the same, standing up to a man who forced liquor down his wife’s throat at a restaurant. The incident was shared by Shweta Kothari, who took to Twitter to praise the teenager, who said the 11th grader “can’t do that” to a man who forced her wife to drink. She doesn’t like it, you’re forcing her. ”

“The man unashamedly stood up and said, ‘She’s my wife. I can do anything.’ Kothari wrote in a Twitter thread. The situation escalated until the restaurant’s management intervened. ‘Petrification.’ I did.” The woman said nothing. After the youths intervened, the man sat there for 20 minutes and never touched his wife.

“These kids, 11th grade students (who I learned later) could have ignored it and looked away. Instead, they chose to step in and correct their mistakes. It’s courage, something we all need a little bit every day.May the next year bring us all courage,” Kothari concluded.

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Kothari also called on state governments to recognize the teens’ courageous actions.

However, many Twitter users expressed concern about what would follow. It involves complexity.

A single act of resistance has come a long way, but systemic reform is also now a necessity.

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