Teen, lover drink poison fearing rejection by parents | Mumbai news

Navi Mumbai: A 16-year-old girl and her relative, a 20-year-old man, committed suicide in the nearby jungle early Saturday morning in Tawarwadi village, Panvel. There is a suspicion that the two were in a relationship, but since they were relatives, they thought that their families would not approve of their courtship.

The man and woman left their home Friday night after telling family they were visiting a friend’s house to watch TV.

Neither of them heard from her, so her parents called and started looking. Around 3 a.m. Saturday, the girl called her mother from the man’s phone and told her that she had consumed her pesticide and was in the jungle about two kilometers from her home.

Both families launched a search, and after searching for about two hours, they were found unconscious in an isolated area.

“Both were alive when their families found them, but they died while being taken to hospital. We suspect they both had a relationship that their families didn’t know about. They knew they could not get married, so they decided to end their lives.We are investigating the case for more details,” said a senior police officer at the Pamber Tarka police station. Police Inspector Anil Patil said.

Police say the family could have been saved if they had found him sooner. Police found a bottle of pesticide they had consumed on the spot.

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