Tasting drinks from 2023 Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

Try 143 types of hot chocolate…

With 143 drinks from 66 vendors at 95 locations, the 2023 Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival is the largest annual event ever.

Running through the sweetest day of the year, February 14th, this popular extravaganza brings together “chocostars” all over Metro Vancouver to serve up creative hot chocolate concoctions.

Each year participating vendors tend to try to win more than the previous year. But each festival also brings a new Chocostar to the table, providing a new place to sip his delicious hot chocolate.

We won’t be able to sample all 143 hot chocolates, but so far we’re doing well with three local cafes and bakeries offering their own offerings.

First up is Honolulu Coffee, which makes two hot chocolates at three locations in Vancouver.

  • donut – 70% dark chocolate donut-shaped hot chocolate mixed with a shot of espresso and finished with a sea salt cream cheese frosty topping. (Can be decaf, but not non-dairy). The drink is paired with a donut-shaped fudge chocolate cake drizzled with refreshing raspberry icing.
  • rain cover – You know you’re in Vancouver when you see this delightful 70% dark hot chocolate and pink Himalayan salt melting cotton candy clouds. it’s raining!

At Beaucoup Bakery, afternoon tea set: Inspired by a Hong Kong-style afternoon tea set, this drink features salty Milo and Horik Blonde hot chocolate infused with Madagascar vanilla and topped with whipped cream and a cookie bun topped with pineapple buns. Beaucoup drinks are served with pineapple bread brioche and salted honey whipped butter.

I also visited Fife Bakery, which makes Straw Ruby fieldis a pink drink made with ruby ​​chocolate and strawberry, and comes with a mini muffin.

Watch: Try 4 Drinks and Treats from This Year’s Hot Chocolate Festival

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