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Located at Five Points next to Smoothie King, the new burger joint Buddy’s Burgers offers reasonable prices and delicious food.

A disco ball hangs from the ceiling, mirrors and greenery line the walls, and a large back porch makes Baddies Burgers a comfortable place to eat and hang out.

The inside of the store is rather small, but the back porch is spacious and can be used by many people even on busy days.

With a menu of hamburgers, French fries, and banana pudding, it’s the perfect place for the indecisive.

Burgers have the option of ordering single, double, or triple patties.

The combo comes with crispy fries, buddy sauce, and a fountain drink. Burger combos are $9 each and come with fries and a drink. The triple burger patty combo is $13. Gluten-free bread can be ordered for an additional $3.

I ordered the “all the way” one combo. The “Forever” burger has caramelized onions, buddy pickles, buddy sauce, and cheese.

Each dish is made to order.

Waiting for about 5 minutes after ordering, my name was called, and hot food was brought. The burger is full of sauce and onions, and the fries are piping hot and crispy.

Taking the first bite of this giant burger was tough. After the first bite, I was shocked by all the flavors.

Each ingredient was perfectly matched and nothing overpowered the other. The compatibility of patty, pickles and onions was outstanding.

The patty is thin, but it is packed with flavor. But a good burger is more than just the patty and all the toppings. The bun was warm and buttery and made each element of the burger delicious.

Overall, my favorite part of the meal was the buddy sauce. It made my meal so much better. Similar to Raising Canes sauce, it goes well with burgers and fries.

I could see the hamburgers being made from the kitchen, so I was grateful for the open layout of the restaurant.

This meal is not meant to be eaten on a first date. It was a hassle to say the least. I used a handful of napkins as the pink sauce covered my hands and face and the onion fell out of my mouth.

I would rate this burger a 4 out of 5. Coming from a family that makes burgers often, I enjoy thicker burgers. While enjoying the taste, I wish the patty wasn’t so thin. Next time I would like to try the double patty burger and banana pudding.

Rating: Star 4/5

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