Taste test of the new Fat Tire from New Belgium Brewing

New fat tire beer and packaging.Photo: Courtesy of New Belgium Brewing

Say goodbye to the beer that made Colorado famous.

what’s happening: Fort Collins-based New Belgium Brewing unveiled a new recipe and a fresh look for its iconic Fat Tire on Tuesday.

  • The smooth-drinking Amber Ale, once so rare as it was bootlegged across the Colorado border, is now a shell of its revered self, the discreet Golden Ale.

Important reasons: First brewed in the Colorado basement of brewery founders Kim Jordan and Jeff Levesh, this beer has helped drive the craft brew revolution, making Colorado a brewing destination and inspiring generations of independent beer fans. garnered a lot of support because it inspired

  • Sales are down, but it’s still ranked #16 in the US.

What they say: New Belgium CEO Steve Fechheimer says the new beer is meant to appeal to the next generation of drinkers. “There’s a lot of consistency between the original Fat His tire and this evolution. It’s a little brighter and crisper,” he told John.

🍺 John’s Taste Test: Fat tires are like old friends. You can connect immediately, even if it’s been a while since you last accessed.

  • The original poured a beautiful copper hue and had caramel and nutty flavors, a reminder of what was once considered a full-flavoured craft beer.
  • Remakes are boring. It has honey-nut Cheerios notes and a sweet cereal flavor with an unsatisfying aftertaste.

To the point: You can probably drink more, but do you want to?

Further details: New Belgium Announces Climate-Friendly Fat Tire Beer Rebrand


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