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The State Department of Health has launched a new public service announcement campaign targeting the beverage industry’s marketing of sweetened fruit drinks to Keiki.

of “Sweet lie!” The campaign aims to point it out despite pictures of fruit and words like “juice,” “natural” When “100% Vitamin C” Sweetened fruit drinks can contain as much sugar as soda, which can lead to tooth decay and premature weight gain, contributing to a lifetime of diet-related diseases such as diabetes.

Beverages can make up the bulk of a child’s calorie and nutritional intake, the health ministry said. According to the Hawaii Child Health Study, more than 75% of Keiki’s drink one or more sugary fruit drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, or tea drinks every day.

National and local health experts recommend that Keiki avoid drinking sweetened fruit drinks and other sugary beverages and opt for healthier options such as water and unflavored milk.

The Children’s Healthy Living Program has surveyed residents of Molokai, Wailuku, Kauai, Nanakuli, Waimanalo, and Hilo for over six years, and data shows that between 13.5% and 43.5% of young children in these communities are overweight or obese. is shown. .

of “Sweet lie!” The campaign will run on TV, radio, digital, social media and in shopping malls statewide through April 30.

For more information on the campaign, visit sweetlies. hawaii.gov.

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