Super Bowl 2023 Will Bring More People Together to Eat and Drink

According to the latest Advantage Solutions survey of more than 1,000 adult men and women, 54% of U.S. adults (almost two-thirds of men) expect to watch a game this year, so more Many Americans are planning to gather at the Super Bowl party. .

According to “Super Bowl 2023: Who’s Watching and How Will It Be Spending?”, 6 in 10 adults will host a Super Bowl party in the second week of January, well before team matchups are decided. or expected to participate. .

Most Super Bowl viewers (66%) plan to buy special food and drink for the occasion, whether they’re watching alone or with others. A quarter of him in this group plans to spend $50 or less. Nearly half (48%) expect $51-$100, 16% expect $101-$150, and 10% expect more than $150.

More than half (52%) of party hosts plan to spend $100 or more on food and drink for their big day.

Top the list of food and drinks provided by the party host: Gameday favorites with salty snacks, beer, pizza, and prepared sandwiches and giant subs are just behind.

Grocery retailers will have a significant portion of their purchases of prepared foods. Nearly half (49%) of party hosts plan to purchase some or all of the ready-made hot, cold and side dishes they plan to serve from supermarkets.

Key findings from the study include:

  • While more than a third of adults who plan to attend the Super Bowl think the games are the most interesting part of Super Bowl Sunday, more than a quarter say they are equally interested in all aspects of the day. I am answering. Commercials, halftime shows, social gatherings, and food and drink. Men and older adults are much more likely than women and young adults to say that games are of most interest to them. A woman and her Generation Z adults care more about her show at halftime than men and older adults.
  • 22% of people planning to attend the game this year say they will host a party. More than a quarter (26%) plan to attend someone else’s party, and 13% plan to attend a party in a restaurant or bar.
  • Half of those planning to host a Super Bowl party this year expect 10 or more guests.
  • 15% of those planning to watch the game said the commercials were the most interesting part of the televised event. But how effective are those multi-million dollar 30-second ad spend?About a third (31%) of all adults surveyed have been impacted by a Super Bowl commercial in the past two years. said they purchased products and services in response to

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