Study: Rainwater unsafe to drink around the globe

A recent study found that rainwater is not safe to drink around the world due to the presence of “permanent chemicals.”

Columbia, South Carolina — in a study published in the journal environmental science and technologyresearchers have found that it is not safe to drink rainwater anywhere, including in the most remote places on earth. is due to the existence of

These chemicals are man-made and can be found in many products used today, such as paper plates, rain jackets, cleaning products, and even shampoos.

PFAS have been given the name “eternal chemicals” because they can take thousands of years to break down. Today, forever chemicals are found all over the planet, in our rainwater, snow, and even in our bloodstreams.

“PFAS contamination can increase cancer risk, affect childhood behavior and learning problems, and cause infertility and immune system complications,” the CDC said.

EPA has issued new health advisories for two types of PFAS. Both of these were present in rainwater samples at levels exceeding health advisories.

Ian Cousins, a professor at Stockholm University and author of the study, said, “According to measurements, there is no place on earth where rain is safe to drink.”

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