Store strips, thrashes boy for stealing soft drink

Hyderabad: A 10-year-old boy was allegedly stripped naked and beaten for stealing a soft drink bottle from a Kirana store owner in Habeebnagar.

The accused Gadge Krishnakanth aka Krishna also allegedly threatened to rub chili powder on the boy’s genitals “to teach him a lesson” so that he would not be complicit in the theft. The incident, which took place on Monday night, gained traction after a video went viral on social media. Class IV boy knows the defendant

The Kirana store is close to my house, so I visit it often. Krishna has noticed that the goods in her own shop have been gone for the last few days. He caught a boy red-handed for allegedly stealing a bottle of soft drink.

Krishna then took the boy to his home, about 200 meters from the shop, stripped him, beat him, and threatened to smear him with chili powder all over his body.

The boy informed his mother, who later filed a complaint with the police, who subsequently registered the case for wrongful detention, intimidation and assault. Following the complaint, the defendant was arrested.

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