Starbucks Workers Share the Drinks They ‘Hate Making the Most’

A TikTok sharing drinks that a barista at one Starbucks store disliked prompted reactions from other baristas on the platform.

In this video posted by user @madvilin_, several Starbucks employees answer the question, “What is your least favorite drink to make?”

The baristas working in the store responded with a variety of drinks, including matcha, honey citrus mint tea, the company’s signature frappuccino in general, and the mocha cookie crumble frappuccino specifically.

The last barista in the video simply replied “everyone”.

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The Daily Dot reached out to @madvilin_ via a comment on the video and, after being unable to identify other methods of contact, reached out to Starbucks directly via email.

The commenters also answered questions asked in the video, shared their least favorite drink, and hinted that they either currently work at a coffee chain or have at some point.

“At the moment it’s like cold foam in a hot drink. I don’t understand it,” said one commenter.

“I order about 10 frappuccinos at a time, especially the caramel ribbon crunch, adding extra caramel and toppings while I’m in a hurry,” said another commenter.

“Honey citrus and mocha cookies crumble,” one viewer wrote. ”

Others had more specific complaints about drinks ordered by customers who wanted something overly sweet or took too long to order.

“Frappe with plant milk and espresso shots,” said one user. “Are you serious now?”

“I hate drinking tea, especially when I’m in a hurry. It slows down the whole system,” wrote another commenter.

“Pour some water, especially when your customers are ‘hurrying’,” wrote one commenter.


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*First published: January 7, 2023 at 2:40 PM CST

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