Starbucks Rewards Are Changing in February — and These 3 Drinks Will Cost More

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It may take longer to claim your favorite Starbucks drink for free.

Key Point

  • Royal Starbucks customers can take advantage of the brand’s rewards program to earn free food, beverages and merchandise.
  • The program will change from February 13th.
  • Rewards members need to collect more stars to win free hot coffee, hot tea or handcrafted drinks.

Like many other restaurant loyalty programs, the Starbucks Rewards program will soon be updated. Starbucks regulars should be aware of these changes to know what to expect this year. Please read the details.

Starbucks Rewards Program Changes

Starbucks recently sent an email to customers informing them of the upcoming terms and conditions of the Starbucks Rewards program. Starting February 13th, loyalty program members can expect these changes to begin. Changes to redemption options include:

  • 100 Stars: Complimentary hot brewed coffee, hot tea, iced coffee, iced brew tea, eligible bakery item or packaged snack, cold siren logo plastic to-go cup (24 oz) or siren logo plastic hot cup (16 oz) in exchange for Oz. )
  • 200 Stars: Redeem complimentary handcrafted drinks (such as lattes and frappuccinos) or hot breakfast items (such as breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal)
  • 300 Stars: Redeemable for 1 Packaged Salad or Lunch Sandwich, 1 Packaged Protein Box, or 1 Packaged Coffee Item (e.g. Whole Bean Coffee).

These three drinks are more expensive

You may wonder how many more stars you need to earn before you can redeem your favorite drink. On February 13th he will increase the redemption price of three drinks.

  • hot coffee: The price of a cup of hot coffee changed from 50 stars to 100 stars
  • Hot tea: Price of a cup of hot tea changed from 50 stars to 100 stars
  • Handcrafted drinks: Crafted drink price changed from 150 stars to 200 stars

Not all bad news

If you’re feeling down about this news, you’re not alone. But the good news is that some aspects of the Starbucks Rewards program will remain unchanged. Here’s what you should know:

  • You can keep changing 25 star drinks. Members can customize their drink with a complimentary 25-star change (extra express shot, syrup or sauce, or dairy alternative). This current redemption price will not change.
  • Some redemptions now cost less: An upcoming change will allow members to redeem their stars for free iced coffee or iced tea for less points. These beverages are currently priced at 150 Stars. When the change launches, members will be able to get these drinks for her 100 stars only. Additionally, bagged coffee stars are changed from 400 to 300.
  • The way members earn stars remains the same: Members earn one star for every dollar spent when paying with cash, credit or debit card. Digital or Physical Gifts If he pays with a card, a member earns 2 stars for every dollar he spends.
  • Complimentary birthday drinks aren’t going away. Starbucks will continue to ship free birthday rewards to members on their birthdays.
  • Free refills left: The coffee shop will continue to serve freshly brewed coffee and tea for free when members visit the same shop.

How These Changes Affect Your Wallet

Increases the number of stars for some drinks and food. With this in mind, find the best strategy for future redemption. If you have Stars you need to use, we encourage you to redeem them before February 13th to maximize the value you earn.

To maximize your earning potential when ordering at Starbucks, consider using Starbucks Gift Cards as your payment method to earn more Stars. You can load virtual gift cards in your mobile app. It’s only $10 to load at a time, and you can keep refilling your card as needed.

It’s unfortunate that Starbucks is making these changes. But reward programs like this provide a way for loyal customers to earn freebies. Winning a few freebies each year through these programs You can keep more money in your checking account. Check out our personal finance resources for additional money tips and guidance.

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