Starbucks Japan’s Valentine’s Day Frappuccino and Bouquet drink are here, but are we in love?

I don’t know how you can pack more chocolate or floral flavors into one cup than Starbucks Japan offers..

as a big reason Starbucks Success in Japan is how often the chain rolls out special limited-time offers Frappuccino flavor. For example, earlier this month there was a Frappuccino made with ingredients from traditional Japanese New Year’s food, such as kelp.

However, since all the New Year decorations have been removed, It’s time for Starbucks to move on to its next seasonal Frappuccino flavor. Since this is Valentine’s Day themed, it’s filled with as much chocolate as you can fit in a cup..

of fondant chocolate frappuccino Released on January 18, Resident Frappuccino Expert Kei Masami Wasted no time grabbing it myself.In Japan, eating chocolate is generally considered an aspect of Valentine’s Day at least as important as romantic love, so the 690 Yen (US$5.30) Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino A layer of baked chocolate sauce on the bottom of the cup.

Above that is a drink base made of blended milk, gateau chocolate sauce, dark mocha powderThe swirled whipped cream topping is really the only thing in the whole drink is not chocolate, but Chocolate sauce mixed with gateau chocolate cake bread crumbs and baked.

We aimed to recreate a chocolate-based cake that melts like fondant au chocolat in the form of a beverage, and we succeeded.Your taste receptors are immersed in chocolate bliss from the very first bite, and its intensity never fades. Feel like you’re drinking.

The Frappuccino tasted great and Masami was sure to fall in love with this special Valentine’s Day drink. However, this isn’t the only new beverage Starbucks released on her January 18th. There’s also the Fondant Chocolat Almond Milk Mocha, which is a warm espresso latte in a Frappuccino.The second cup that Masami tasted was 480 yen. Earl Gray Bouquet Tea Latte.

Earl Gray Latte is on Starbucks’ regular menu, but the Bouquet version adds elegant flavors. Jasmine, chamomile, hibiscus and linden flowersTrue to its name, the Earl Gray Bouquet Tea Latte has a sophisticated floral flavor and aroma and is topped with whipped cream. Bergamot Citrus Powder and Honey It produces a complex yet pleasantly gentle sweetness.

The Earl Gray Bouquet Tea Latte made Masami feel like she was in a flower garden., not marketed as a Valentine’s Day drink by Starbucks, but between fondant frappuccinos and mochas, it has both chocolate and flowers covered. This is always a good combination for Valentine’s Day.

The Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino and Mocha are available until February 14th, and the Earl Gray Bouquet Tea Latte is available for a limited time, but has yet to be announced.

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