S’porean woman drinks over 4L of own breast milk during Japan trip so it wouldn’t go to waste – Mothership.SG

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A Singaporean woman uploaded a video on Tiktok and Instagram of herself breastfeeding during her trip to Hokkaido, Japan.

Jemie Lim uploaded a video on December 15th documenting drinking a total of 4,450 ml of her expressed breast milk (EBM).

@jemielimtiktok I drank 4450ml of my own breast milk in Hokkaido 🥹 My initial plan was to store the expressed breast milk (ebm) in the hotel freezer, but an unforeseen event occurred and I had to store the ebm. 🎉 #Motherhood #Breastfeeding #Travelpumping ♬ original sound – Jemielimtiktok

The video has over 140,000 views on Tiktok and Lim is seen breastfeeding on planes, hotels and other locations.

why did she do that?

talk mothershipLim shared that prior to the trip, he had emailed the hotel to see if the EBM could be stored in the hotel’s freezer.

The hotel allowed breast milk to be stored in the freezer, but did not recommend it as the quality cannot be guaranteed.

Lim stored the first batch of EBM in the hotel’s freezer, but on the morning of the second day, she realized that the first batch had not been frozen.

Worried about spoiling milk

Worried that the milk would go bad by the end of the trip, Lim decided to drink the EBM instead of throwing it away.

Lim also noted the lack of nursing rooms as she had to pump in “random places.” This is also shown in her video. After she expressed, Lim started drinking freshly expressed breast milk.

By the end of the trip, Lim could only take home a frozen batch of EBM.

When asked how her breast milk tastes, Im replied, “sweet.”

Lim confessed that at first she was quite surprised at herself because she thought she would just throw out all the milk.

In her video, she drinks milk with water and explains in the comments that she’s not a “milk person” so it has to be mixed with water.

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“It’s all my nutrients, so I have no regrets drinking it.”

Comment on Tik Tok

Many netizens took advantage of the comments to ask Lim about the experience and praised her for not throwing away her breast milk.

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