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Cefin Campbell, PLAID CYMRU member of the Senned in Central and West Wales, has renewed his call to the Welsh Government to work on developing strategies to address rural poverty in Wales.

Mr Campbell’s call comes after a recent release by Loughborough University on behalf of the End Child Poverty Coalition, which showed Pembrokeshire has the highest child poverty rate of any municipality in Wales, with 35.5% of children living in poverty. It follows the number of .

Prime Minister Campbell has challenged Prime Minister Mark Drakeford to commit to developing a focused strategy to address rural poverty, calling it “entrenched” for generations over the years. It highlighted broader challenges within rural communities that contributed to the ‘poverty’ pattern.

Cefin Campbell MS commented:

Pembrokeshire’s rural communities face many unique pressures that foster long-established patterns of poverty. These include poor public transport access, incomplete public service delivery, lack of affordable housing, and relatively low incomes and high prices. The crisis has only exacerbated these factors, plunging many households into further financial hardship and uncertainty. ”

A previous study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that most rural households typically spend 10-20% more on everyday goods and services than households living in urban areas. A recent report by Sustrans Cymru also highlighted that people living in rural Welsh are most affected by transport poverty, with households spending more than 10% of their income on car maintenance. There is a possibility that

Such economic pressures are compounded by a Bevan Foundation study published last year that found that the typical Pembrokeshire worker is £346 worse a month than the typical British worker. further emphasized.

Cefin Campbell MS added:

It is now time for the Welsh Government to better identify the many unique and exclusive factors that contribute to poverty in this region, and to work with stakeholders on strategies and visions to empower and support these communities. It’s time to commit to putting together ”

In response to Mr Campbell’s call for a specific rural poverty strategy, Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said: Poverty can be difficult to identify in some rural communities. Of course, all parts of Wales now face challenges. Every region of Wales has its own challenges, whether you live in the central valley of Cardiff or not. You can tell members that a plan will be created. The Social Justice Minister is now working on practical measures that we can help, especially in the area of ​​child poverty. ”

Call to Action: Cefin Campbell MS (image file)

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