South Korean Blogger, On His Trip To India, Enjoys A Drink. Check What It Is



A video shows a Korean blogger drinking sugar cane juice.

A Korean video blogger’s videos are trending on social media platforms. In a small video clip, blogger and hair stylist Kim Jaehyun describes his first activity upon arrival in India.

He posted the video on Instagram with the caption, “First thing I did when I arrived in India.” The video opens with a shot of the window of an airplane during landing. The video shows people using different public transport in India such as buses, taxis and bicycles.

Arrive at a nearby shop on this local route. It seems that the first thing I drank after coming to India was sugar cane juice at the shop. He’s also eating raw sugar cane near the end of the video.

The video gained a lot of attention in the virtual world and quickly became popular among online users. On Instagram, this video has earned him over 1 million views and his over 1 million likes. The video entertained many social media users, especially Indians, leaving interesting comments in the comments section.

Watch the video here:

“Jaehyun please try golgappa, we will never forget that it is the best and most famous in Mumbai and other places in India.I hope one day Piyu Didi eats golgappa and enjoys it “Looking at your vlog, I knew it from the beginning…it would be sugar cane juice in you…it’s been about 3 or 4 times if I remember correctly.” was,” commented a third user.

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