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Following a year in which some old favorites were discontinued, manufacturers and analysts discuss what’s next for 2023.

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A previous NewsBreak article on this topic, “Soda will be discontinued in 2022,” is particularly relevant to this latest article from a general perspective on realities in the beverage industry.

This article is based on a May 25, 2022 report by Business Insider, “Coca-Cola is discontinuing Honest Tea by the end of 2022. The brand’s co-founder is making a move called ‘Gut Punch.’ ” was extracted. For decades, the side brands of the two giants have faced ongoing volatility similar to the discontinuation of soda. the beverage giant said Press release Eliminating Honest Tea is part of a larger strategy to “reflect consumer choice,” an effort to prioritize “less, bigger brands.”coca cola Cut some underperforming “zombie” brands In 2020, we plan to focus on more profitable labels during the pandemic. About 200 brands including Tab have been discontinued. zico, cut Cut the company’s portfolio in half.

As we head into the new year, several brands have announced discontinued production or industry analysts have predicted the inevitable closures.

Let’s find out further.

Discontinued Soda, 2023

The two largest soda companies in the world by product count, The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo, have been strategically cutting their offerings for decades. While such activity has increased in recent years, neither company is known solely for its sodas.

First, see the Wikipedia page for an incomplete list of recently discontinued soft drinks from the two biggest brands, including Coca-Cola Black Cherry, Pepsi One and PepsiCo Slice. , published “15 Discontinued Fruit Sodas You’ll Sadly Never See Again” in May 2022. That list includes Orbtiz, Sprice Remix, an iteration of Dr. Pepper, and more.

A recent report from, “Sierra Mist Discontinued 2023 – What Happens With Cranberry & Zero Sugar?” remains a major brand. We detail the unexpected loss of the former PepsiCo favorite. PepsiCo Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash has been discontinued. Unfortunately, according to PepsiCo, there are no plans to bring back the Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash is, as the name suggests, a cranberry flavored soda. This product is similar to its main competitor Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry and his 7-Up Cranberry Splash. It is a transparent color.

The store is currently selling the remaining inventory and will no longer be available once sold out.

For the list of Monster Energy Drink varieties discontinued in 2023, see here.

In light of the speed of change in the beverage industry, the article “Coke Is Killing 200 Brands: Here’s a list of canceled products announced so far,” archived from on October 23, 2020. contains a then-complete list of canceled products. That year, the Coca-Cola Company alone.

As the weeks go by and the current cancellations are announced, we’ll be sharing updates on them here.

To end this article on a positive note for some soda drinkers, an archived Oct. 3 article, “, 12 Discontinued Sodas Return After Customer Outcry,” provide a lesson. The voice of the customer matters.

From the article: During the 79 Days of Darkness in 1985, Coca-Cola disappeared from shelves and was replaced by a new sweet product called Coke. That’s right, Coca-Cola tried to kill its flagship product. And the customer was stunned. Amid the terrifying backlash, the soda company quickly pulled back and resumed production of the classic drink, which has since been called the Coca-Cola Classic, according to The New York Times.

Yes, what is known in today’s slang simply as “Cola” once disappeared too.


The ongoing beverage wars encompass far more brands than Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The pandemic did not have a positive impact on the industry as a whole. This is largely due to a significant drop in store visits during the peak of the pandemic.

While some brands continue to recover today, the industry remains volatile as is typical.

As mentioned above, if we have any updates related to these issues, we will share them here on NewsBreak.

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