SNP MSP warns of ‘tragic consequences’ of drink-driving

AN SNP MSP and former police officer highlight the dangers of drunk driving as Scots ease tensions for the festive season.

Prior to being elected MSP of Aberdeen South and North Kincardine, Audrey Nicoll spent 30 years in the police force.

Scottish police launched a campaign earlier this month to warn of the dangers of consuming alcohol or drugs before behind the wheel.

That’s because more than 600 drivers were found guilty of drinking or driving drugs during the police’s 2021 campaign.

Nicole, who also convenes Holyrood’s Judiciary Committee, said:

“Police Scotland will be performing regular checks to ensure Scottish roads are safe and coming this festive season.

“Drunk driving can have disastrous consequences, and the holiday season is a time when conflicts related to drug and alcohol consumption spike.

“The safest and best advice for the general public is to avoid alcohol altogether if you plan to drive, or plan your trip in advance if you enjoy the spirit of celebration.”

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Launching the campaign, which will run from December 1 to January 2, Chief Superintendent Louise Blakelock, head of road police, said: Safe for everyone.

“Despite repeated warnings about the dangers, we continue to see a small number of drivers putting themselves and others at considerable risk by driving after taking alcohol or drugs. increase.

“Throughout the year, and especially during the holiday season, our officers will focus on targeting people who endanger themselves or others by driving after drinking or taking drugs.

“Drunk driving impairs the ability to react to what is happening on the road and sadly continues to be a contributing factor to fatal and severely injured crashes.”

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