Singaporean mother drinks gallon of her own breastmilk to avoid waste

A mother vacationing in Hokkaido, Japan, went viral on TikTok after drinking about 4.5 liters (1.2 gallons) of her own breast milk.

Singaporean Jemie Lim (@jemi elim tiktok) A one-minute video documenting my mother’s trip from Singapore to Hokkaido last week. During her trip, Lim can be seen drinking her own expressed breast milk (EBM) because her “unexpected circumstances” couldn’t freeze everything.

“I drank 4450 milliliters of my own breast milk in Hokkaido,” the video caption reads. “The original plan was to store the expressed breast milk (ebm) in the hotel freezer, but an unforeseen event occurred and it took him a day to store the EBM and bring it back to Singapore. It was just

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in an interview with news must be shared, Lim shared that he was on vacation in Hokkaido from December 7th to 12th. Lim had previously contacted the hotel to use the hotel’s freezer to store her EBM, but warned that the hotel could not guarantee the quality of the milk. After her first day, her mother noticed that some of her breast milk had not been frozen.

“I was worried that all the milk would be ruined by the end of the trip,” Lim said, deciding to drink her EBM instead of wasting it.

At the beginning of the video, Jamie is filmed drinking EBM on the plane and in the hotel. After she arrives in Hokkaido, her mother finds that her nursing room is in short supply, and as a result she expresses in “random places”.

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By the end of the trip, Lim could only take home an EBM frozen from the first day of vacation.

A video of a mother expressing and drinking her own breast milk went viral on TikTok, garnering over 139,000 views and prompting viewer response.

“No problem at all. Be firm and don’t mind negative comments from people who don’t understand,” a user wrote in support of the mother.

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“Is that so…Hokkaido milk?” one user commented.

“Reuse and recycle less,” another commented.

In response to the comment why Lim didn’t ditch the EMB, Lim wrote:[Can’t] Just throwing it away, pumping consumes a lot of energy, so throwing it away is very heartbreaking.

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When asked about the taste, Lim described it as “sweet.”

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