Singaporean mother drinks 4.5 litres of own breast milk during Hokkaido vacation (VIDEO)

KUALA LUMPUR, December 21 — Mothers are known for not wasting money, time or food.

One Singaporean mother, Jamie Lim, demonstrated this when she drank her own breast milk during a trip to Hokkaido, Japan, refusing to waste it.

Lim, 29, decided to drink her own expressed breast milk because the refrigerator in her hotel room couldn’t freeze it.

In the TikTok video, Lim is seen drinking her own breast milk at a hotel and pumping in public spaces in Hokkaido and on a plane back to Singapore.

@jemielimtiktok I drank 4450ml of my own breast milk in Hokkaido ???? The initial plan was to store the expressed breast milk (ebm) in the hotel freezer, but something unexpected happened and ebm was successfully stored and brought back to Singapore only on the first day.

Lim gave birth to daughter Melody on September 13, 2022.

Lim, who “doesn’t drink milk at all,” had to dilute 4.5 liters of her own frozen milk with water to dilute its thick consistency.

she said Asia One Freshly expressed breast milk tastes slightly sweet and almost tasteless.

However, according to Lim, the frozen milk tasted “very fishy” and unpleasant.

Lim had arranged for the milk to be stored in the hotel’s freezer, but on the second day, she realized that some of the milk from the first day had not been frozen.

“I kept telling myself I should throw it away for the next pump. But in the end I didn’t because it’s all my effort, my hard work,” she said.

Lim was able to store frozen milk from Hokkaido in a zip bag and give it to her daughter in Singapore.

Many TikTok users praised Lim’s dedication to his daughter and asked him to ignore the critical comments.

“Yes. No problem at all. Be firm and don’t mind negative comments from people who don’t understand,” wrote one user.

“Hmm…Hokkaido milk?

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