Shy Glizzy Affiliate Claims Rapper Regularly Spiked Women’s Drinks

As Shy Grizzy faces sexual misconduct allegations, officials from the Grizzy Gang have come forward, claiming the Washington, D.C. rapper has been spiking women’s drinks for over a decade.

The accusation came shortly after OnlyFans creator Sky Bri dropped by. no jumper In a podcast on Monday (January 2nd), Grizzy accused Grizzy of acting inappropriately on the set of his recently released music video “White Girl.”

Skye said he knew Grizzy from a previous photoshoot, and after the song became a huge hit on TikTok and was certified platinum eight years after its release, she made an appearance in the video for “White Girl.” He claimed to have been contacted about

After Sky enthusiastically agreed to appear in the video, the OnlyFans creator claimed Grizzy behaved “sketchy” all day, and at one point he pressured her into taking an unknown drug. It has been.

“All day long he was trying to flirt with me or pull me to the side to talk to me,” Skye said. “His personality that day was just weird. He was just sketchy… When it got dark, he cornered me into the kitchen with his small belongings and convinced me to take this medicine. I don’t know what it is I’ve said “no” a million times. Eventually, I was like, ‘Okay, whatever.’ ”

Things are said to have taken a turn for the worse towards the end of filming.

“As I was getting ready to leave, he came in and he pulled me onto the bed. I looked down and his penis came out,” Skye said. And he seems to “suck”. When I said no, he said, “Lick it.” And I said yes, so I got up and went downstairs to get the director.

Shy Grizzy has yet to respond to Sky’s accusations, but Grizzy Gang member Ant Grizzy agrees with Sky’s allegations, stating that he and the “Like That” rapper have had “two records in the past 15 years.” Known for ‘spiking the bottle’.

Ant said on Instagram Live, “I was told Shy spiked a bottle. ‘Fuck? I know he spiked them a bottle. At GQ I spiked some bottles with them.’ Did.

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He went on to say that Glizzy often spiked numerous bottles and even showed Ant how to do it once.

“Think of any girl around the Glizzy Gang when they got drunk. They were super drunk,” continued Ant. “The #MeToo movement. He’s been doing this shit for 10 years, I swear to God. At least he has 20 people coming out and saying this shit.”

“I’ve been told all these stories by you. I told you, he spiked them. He’s been doing this shit in GQ for 15 years. Similarly, in clubs and at tables, Glizzy The girl who used to drink with the Gang was drunk too, all you have to do is ask him.

The disturbing accusations are just the latest controversy to befall the Glizzy Gang. In December, the Taliban’s Glizzy was arrested by the Secret Service after reportedly being under federal surveillance for over a year.

According to the materials obtained all hip hopTaliban Grzy was arrested during a December 12 traffic stop and charged with two counts of illegal possession of a weapon and illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

In addition to the gun, the Taliban Grizzy was found to have diamond earrings, an Oyster Perpetual Rolex watch and over $17,000 at the time of his arrest.

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