Shop bosses selling Prime energy drink at FIVE times its retail value ahead of Christmas

GREEDY shopkeepers sell Prime for five times the retail price.

Energy drinks are only officially available at Asda for £2, but some small shops sell them for £10.


Sellers aim to make big profits from popular drinks
Drinks have been flying off the shelves since arriving in the UK


Drinks have been flying off the shelves since arriving in the UKCredit: Alan MacGregor Ewing

They’re capitalizing on the surge in demand for Prime Hydration, developed by influencers KSI and Logan Paul.

Newsagents were also discovered leaving empty bottles on the shelves and full bottles behind the counter.

The hidden haul was in a store in Glasgow city centre.

One worker said, “People of all ages want it. We’ll run out soon.”

However, one customer blamed the cost, stating: I’ll go with my usual Lucozado.”

Internet merchants also aim to make big profits. Online company The Bottle Club sells all seven flavors for £11.99 each.

A Cumbernauld opportunist also sold two bottles to Gumtree for £25.

Buying the same amount on eBay saves fans £18.99.

A critic who denounced the huge Prime price hike wrote, “You must be drunk if you think I’m paying that much.”

Until now, sales of popular sports drinks were limited to three per person.

Asda said:

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