Sheriff says no indication Jeremy Renner ‘drink or drugs’

Sheriff says there are no signs Jeremy Renner is ‘drinking or doing drugs’

LOS ANGELES: Marvel superhero actor Jeremy Renner said Tuesday he was “messed up” after being run over by his own snowplow while trying to get into the cab of a massive 14,000-pound (6-ton) car. rice field.

Renner was seriously injured Sunday morning near his home in Nevada while trying to stop a Pistenbury machine that had begun to move forward after using it to free a stranded family’s car from heavy snow.

“Mr. Renner is trying to get back in the driver’s seat in an attempt to stop the rolling pisten bully,” Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balam said at a press conference.

“Our research indicates that Mr. Renner is being run over by a Pisten bully at this point.”

At a press conference on Tuesday, officials said there was no indication that alcohol or drugs were involved in what is being described as a “tragic accident.”

Sheriff Balaam said an investigation was ongoing, including checking for signs of mechanical failure, due to the “serious injuries” suffered by Renner.

The PistenBully, or Snowcat, driven by Renner, is a large, specialized snowplow with huge raised caterpillar tracks on either side of its enclosed cab.

Balam said several drivers had to abandon their cars on a nearby highway after emergency responders had trouble contacting Renner after a meter of snow had fallen the night before. .

Upon arrival, they treated Renner, and “some good neighbors of Mr. Renner … came out with towels and offered help.”

The sheriff praised Renner as a “great neighbor” who used his machine to plow driveways for nearby residents.

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