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Die-hard WeChat followers may have noticed that I haven’t posted a Shanghai Food & Drink Gossip article since March.

We figured that listing another round of near-shutdown would just add extra weight to last year’s already soul-crushing and depressing pile of news. can only be processed.

But finally! – The scales rebalanced as openings began to outnumber closures and all that was right triumphed over evil in the world.

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Chef Carlos Sotomayor (formerly elephant When up shanghai) is the man behind owner Justin Xu’s menu. Haiyaki the SeaThis new spot is the seafood-focused sister of the yakiniku restaurant of the same name. HaiyakiIzakaya dog – predecessors, both of whom are more land-based than sea-dwellers.

The menu consists primarily of small plates (sashimi, sushi, snacks, cold and hot 1-2 bites), with a few main dishes and a rice base when the wallet is running low. Your stomach will be satisfied with the food. In his new Hengshan 8 development, this seat can find a coveted spot.

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We also opened a store in Hengshan 8, mozzarella and wine As the name suggests, it’s a neighborhood European bistro focused on all things cheese and wine.

Equipped with a mozzarella molding machine from Modena, Italy’s gastronomic capital, and the menu’s signature burrata, the cheese counter also showcases cheeses such as Brie, Mimolette, Manchego, Emmental and Comte.

Open from brunch through early evening for drinks (and snacks).

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Speaking of brunch, breakfast and morning meals in general, muffinNeighborhood breakfast sandwich and pastry shop is expanding its second location in Jing’an with a new location. Mojo Marul It is located in Jiagning Lu, just south of Haifang Lu. If life gives you COVID, eat a muffin.

Located on Yuyuan Road, chef Tom Ryu Tae Hyuk (Jeju Tavern, Professor Lee, Beloco, cafeteria vote) has launched another Korean spot. streetMore casual than neighboring Jeju taverns, Pado focuses on Korean comfort with a mix of seafood and meat-focused dishes.

The dimly lit, streamlined design space is still perfect for lunch. The menu also features a number of heartier dishes such as seafood tteokbokki, garlic pork belly, spicy octopus, and Pado’s signature crab kamaboko soup.

We’ve never enjoyed Chef Tom’s meals, so we’re looking forward to sinking the chops into his innovative Korean treats.

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2021 Winner that’s shanghai Food & Drink Awards Chef of the Year, Chef Lucky Lasagna broke up with Italo to launch his first independent restaurant, Bambinowith Juke team – Chef Michael Janchewski (bastard, juke) When Sebastian Daly (juke, previous Italo) When, Colin Tate (Shake, BlackRock).

Chef Lucky’s bold flavors and impeccably soulful style carry on at Bambino, along with the restaurant’s new tagline, ‘cucina furiosa.’ At this his 30-seat trattoria on North Shanxi Road, he is not afraid to share the comforting flavors of humble home as food to nourish both the stomach and the heart. Popot.


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Right next to Bambino, Chef Sergio Moreno (previous commune social). Isaac yeah (three dogs) and is returning to his Spanish roots in Andalusia with his new venue nap.

Traveling along Spain’s southern coast, the soft opening menu includes Salmorejo – blended panga spacho style cold soup; honey pickled eggplant – Lightly breaded and fried eggplant discs drizzled with sweet cane honey. cordovan flamenco – fried pork loin stuffed with ham and cheese; and other tapas favorites, all ideally served in a casual setting, with a cold, frothy mug of San Miguel in hand.

This is just the beginning. As the menu develops, expect very niche regional specialties such as zruppa and gazpachuelo.

Trio concept venue EUSP on Jiaozhou Lu is the brainchild of former World’s 50 Best Chinese and Korean Chairs, foodie and lover of the luxury dining scene. Boris YuHis taste for luxury is remarkable in every aspect, from concept to design, menu and execution. The finest chefs on the market don’t need to cut corners unless it’s by his knife.

Each venue letter represents one of the three components. Ø Omakase – A dining room with one multi-course chef’s menu. S stands for savor. Hope & Sesame team; P stands for pøp, the upstairs pop-up kitchen.

interior designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara – Japanese musicians, fashion icons, and globally influential streetwear designers – and a line-up of chefs ready to take over both the Omakase and Pop menus for next year, during your visit. We can only hope for the highest grandeur.

of Hope & Sesame The group has been busy in Shanghai lately and has put its hands elsewhere – entrance of Anken Air (where Camden House once had Maiya Meal Restaurant and 1 second egg).

partnership with muse group (nest, canning factory) and Remy Cointreau, this mighty trio is eyeing the coveted spot on the 50 Best of Asia list, embracing the beverage industry’s latest trend: sustainable cocktails.

Think of this as a single-origin, locally-sourced, and sprinkled with underutilized protein. All of these are finished off with unexpected ingredients. This is exactly what you’d expect from Hope & Sesame, a group known for perhaps the most theatrical cocktails China has ever seen. Pork brain fritters, anyone?

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After opening the second store, Khan Chacha Last year, with a restaurateur Chef Jibin Arjunan and again it is Anokisecond in his line-up of modern Indian restaurants.

In the context of Wuxing Lu’s The Weave, the menu presents all of Indian street food. chart – For filling curries, grilled meats, seafood and kebabs.

Equipped by MTM Design, Mind Yakinuki is located on Donghu Road and has a menu full of Japanese yakiniku run by bell groupI hear that the meat is as good as the interior.

Near the Bund, on the top floor of Shamei Mansion, upper room – 2 to 1 concept – started with a drink designed by Mark Lloyd (J. Boroski).

The rooftop bar is all about rum, while the indoor bar looks like a travel-inspired sipper (because you really don’t remember what it feels like to travel).Also hosted in the same building livingserves Western brunch, lunch and dinner menus.

Image credit: Union Trading Co.

After being forced to close for over eight months due to COVID restrictions, Union Trading Co., Ltd. It finally reopened in November and successfully maintained full employee benefits and payroll while avoiding layoffs. This is not easy.

Hats off to the team and congratulations on being able to use the new space at Hengshan Lu, which we moved to at the end of January.

Oh yeah, and Xuhui’s favorite whiskey bar – senator saloon – We reopened earlier this month. Time to stop by for a nostalgic Old Fashioned and pour one for everyone you missed out on this year.

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Sadly not all news is positive. In Shanghai, a few good men have fallen as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. camel – The absolute definition of an OG sports bar, a Shanghai institution that has hosted countless original quiz nights for over a decade. that’s shanghai The Sports Awards, home of the SantaCon and a venue that survived two moves in 13 years of living in Shanghai, closed on December 18 to host the World Cup finals with great success. I got it.

good news from camel groupbut- blarney stone Yongkang Lu has finally opened.

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Another beloved pub and free flow brunch icon, rooster In Shanxi, Bei Lu bid farewell with an all-day, all-night closing party on December 30, rocking out with their ‘roosters’ until dawn.

New landlords with lofty redevelopment plans and lease terminations are unfortunately that many of these pillars are falling.Their second location, recently renovated perchstill open rooster jiannin lou Wing Knight for all your needs.

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Lizzie’s All Natural – Your go-to store for meal plans, smoothies, and healthy lunch breaks – We closed our store (and online store) after National Week in October. Now we have to make our own smoothies and nut butters.

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At the other end of the diet spectrum, but still just as beloved in institutions – strictly cookies – After a run of over 12 years, it sent out a message that the last day it would offer cookies to the masses would be December 31st.

Farewell Mookies, Farewell Cookies of the Month, good bye spooky, Adios Rainbow pride cookie and Zaijan To our favorite ice cream sandwich cookie in town. I will miss you when you are gone.

And unfortunately, this wasn’t the only venue in Shanghai to record double-digit years. InfernoFor the past 11 years it has been Shanghai’s answer to all things Metal and Satan.

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rap & hip hop club up shanghai Closed but soon reopened castleby the band, Heritage by Madison –The late Austin Hu’s third Madison-named restaurant — welcomed its final guest this month.

From Western cuisine that boldly uses local ingredients, Madison Sneak kimchi into giant grilled cheese at Dongping Lu Madison Kitchen The final chapter of the Madison restaurant trilogy, a rigorous reinterpretation of the flavor of the man who spent his cross-cultural life at Heritage by Madison, has sadly come to an end.

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