REVIEW: Refreshment Corner Welcomes Violet Pretzel and Sparkling Grape Drink for Disney 100 Years of Wonder in Disneyland

With Violet Pretzels and Sparkling Grapes in celebration of Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder, Disneyland’s refreshment aisles aren’t short on violets!

Light meal corner 100 years wonder menu
purple pretzel sparkling grape 1purple pretzel sparkling grape 1

Violet Pretzel – $7.59

Pretzels with cream cheese sprinkled with salted vanilla cream and lavender sugar

purple pretzel 2purple pretzel 2

This is a nice, sweet treat. Upgrading the traditional cream-his cheese pretzels, adding icing makes them even sweeter, making them on par with something like churros.

purple pretzel 1purple pretzel 1

Pretzel roasted dough buns add body to this treat, while vanilla icing rounds out adding a kick of sugar and creamy texture.

purple pretzel 3purple pretzel 3

Overall, we had a lot more fun than we expected. Finished the whole thing pretty quickly!

Sparkling Grape – $5.79

Sprite in grape syrup, Sprite with candy strips

sparkling grape 3sparkling grape 3

This is another Sprite-based specialty drink that kept us entertained. It didn’t have the Grape Medicine flavor we were expecting, more of a Tootsie Pop-like candy he Grape flavor, which is welcome.

sparkling grape 1sparkling grape 1

But that being said, it’s not as interesting or fun as wanting to end the value of the cup.

sparkling grape 2sparkling grape 2

It’s pretty for Instagram and great for celebrations, but it’s all flash and insubstantial.

Looking for more sweets? Check out our review of Lemon Tea Cake, available at nearby Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe!

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