Raise a glass: What the DC area drinks to ring in the new year

What do DC area revelers drink for the New Year?

Champagne or gin fizz may be influenced by where you live.

Career builder Zippia said he used Google Trends to list the contents of the glass that clinks in the middle of the night.

Not surprisingly, champagne is favored in 21 states, including Virginia and Maryland, and is the most popular drink on New Year’s Eve. DC holds up a glass of rum and cola.

Fizzy versions also lead the way in alcohol sales, followed by red wine and vodka.

States that prefer something else include New Mexico, which goes for Amaretto sours. Mulled wine in Wisconsin. North Dakota prefers lemon drops. In Mississippi, reach for a strawberry daiquiri. And Alaska is celebrating the New Year with Driver.

See the full map of settings on the Zippia website.

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