Pureboost, Amazon’s #1 Selling Clean Energy Drink, Expands Into Walgreens Nationwide

Pureboost, the #1 best-selling antioxidant clean energy drink mix free of sugar and sucralose, today announced that the brand is now available in select Walgreens stores nationwide and on Walgreens.com. Pureboost offers his two most popular flavors, Berry Boost and Citrus Sunrise, in unique 6-count his cartons that are the perfect size for new customer trials.

Pureboost’s entry into Walgreens marks the brand’s latest achievement in establishing a stronger retailer foothold in the clean energy category. Since launching in 2018, Pureboost has earned over $12.3 million in his first three-year business, and by 2026 he is on track to reach $100 million in revenue. No signs of slowing down.

Pureboost co-founder Sean Ross said: “We are delighted to work with partners like Walgreens that help us achieve our mission of encouraging individuals to be healthier and feel better as a result of hydration. Given that it’s driven, the ability of Walgreens to reach such a wide audience helps make our service more accessible.”

Pureboost was founded by a team of four parents and active lifestyle individuals. They were looking for a drink that would help them spend time with their children and was as pure and delicious as possible. increase.

For more information or to purchase Pureboost, please visit Pureboost.com.

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