Pub goers likely to drink less as a result of longer opening hours, TDs told

The Dáil Judiciary Commission has heard that pubs and clubs are likely to drink less as a result of longer hours.

Representatives of the Anglican Church and musicians today expressed concern over the removal of the “vanishing” license requirement in a licensing overhaul, warning it could kill local pubs. Currently, a new pub can only be opened if another is permanently closed.

Senator Lin Luang said that with extended hours, pub patrons would stop ordering drinks before closing.

“To see where the public health problem is, we need to see how many drinks have been ordered as soon as the last order is called. Before people have to leave the store, 6 I’ll have to make sure I buy ~7 drinks and try the pub,” she said.

“But with such a spread where people are leaving, people will probably drink less.”

Meanwhile, Paul Clancy of Ireland Vintners Federation Ireland (VFI) said that existing tax collectors would be “extremely withdrawn” from the market unless they were given eight years to prepare for the removal of the extinguishment requirement. said he would.

“That’s why we don’t support extinction, but we feel that three years is definitely not enough. Eight years is proposed, because many people feel they will stop trading if this continues. .”

Publican and Kerry TD Danny Healy Rae said they were “totally opposed” to the fire extinguishing requirement being removed.

He said, “I have lived in pubs my whole life.”

“Nobody asked for this in rural Kerry,” he said.

He said clubs that were open until 6 a.m. would see people not sleep for “three weeks” and called special security guards around the venue late at night to keep public order.

He said it would be “another nail in the coffin of a rural Irish tax collector” if the fire-fighting element was not maintained.

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