Prince Harry calls the royal family a ‘death cult.’ I’ll drink to that

Cults are a fascinating subject. Ranging from Nxivm sex cults to Scientology mind control to the murderous Manson family, the British royal cult is the most difficult to define and understand.

Even in the mildest light, these people aren’t particularly kind…or interesting. Or cheaper. Their attire is strange and their demeanor rigid and alienating.

But they are the hardest cult to escape. Prince Harry was naturally prone to it, but when his sponsor, Diana, tried to walk away and paid the price for her boldness with her life, it was for himself, his wife Meghan, and little Archie. , there was no other way than to rely on his wit and a certain coolness. Irony about these robot royals.

Prince Harry’s binge-drinking memoir Spare resembles the 18th picaresque. With little plot beyond his encounters with strong-willed pals and dastardly villains, the style is playful and satirical, the action borderline, and romance comes to the rescue.

This is a modern version of Henry Fielding’s “Tom Jones, A History of Abandoned Children” or Charles Dickens’ “David Copperfield”. I read them while earning my degree in English Literature.

Anglosexuality as a medical condition was hard to get out of — nothing like ripping off a Band-Aid — but I found myself immersed in British Brexit self-destruction, brutal conservatism, appalling journalism, and the aforementioned He got help from the royal cult that almost destroyed Harry. good.

Picaresque heroes are typically low birthrates and not ready for employment. This was also the case for the obedient Kate Middleton, who was given a life of luxury by the monarch.

But Harry had to struggle in the financial shackles of his eccentric father to enlist in the military and fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his dangerous fame ultimately ended his career. bottom.

He lost his soul and was only 12 when his mother was cornered by speeding paparazzi who photographed her dying in a coffin-like tunnel in Paris. King Charles, perhaps the most socially inappropriate royal, patted his youngest son on the knee after waking him up, saying that “the mummy was pretty badly injured” and “she didn’t make it”. said.. no hugs.

Harry cried when Diana’s coffin was lowered to the ground. His life was a mess, which is understandable, but a cult – his brother, father, grandparents and stepmother – made things worse.

It turns out that Diana’s sons (who called each other “Willie” and “Harold”) were never close. Willie avoided Harold at school. They didn’t talk about their mother’s gruesome death. Growing up in a family of store mannequins, they didn’t have the words to express their feelings.

In Harry’s story, Prince William was a thug who attacked and physically injured him in an altercation over William’s immediate dislike of the beautiful Meghan, the biracial American actress he married.

Kate herself has ridiculed the airline employee’s parents, but she shuddered at Meghan’s informal and hilarious humor as William “backed away” from the friendly embrace when they first met. Wedding stress is one thing, but they clearly avoided this young woman unfamiliar with the rules of the cult.

Harry offers amazing insight. Royals are competitive. Who can show up at the more sophisticated fake events? Who is more popular? Who will keep the dying cult alive?

When it comes to tabloids, “Of the most literate people on the planet, the British were the most credible.” “I understand the spaces I’ve used: castles, cockpits, classrooms, staterooms, bedrooms, palaces, gardens, pubs.

He has met so many soldiers who suffer from post-traumatic stress, who are afraid to leave their homes, who make others feel uncomfortable, who are disturbed by noise, and who have become agoraphobic themselves. I noticed.

“Outsiders called us a cult, but maybe we were a cult. death cult, and wasn’t it a little more depraved? Royalty, he writes, is tainted with death. “We were baptized and crowned, we graduated and we were married, we fainted, we passed the bones of our beloved. Windsor Castle itself was a tomb, and the walls were full of ancestors.” Tower of London. Even the mortar of the was tempered with animal blood.

There are other surprises as well. Harry is an intelligent, literate royal, and reading books is an unexpected pleasure. The story of his cadet life, his technical training in commanding and coordinating missions, and the mechanics of the Apache he piloted and his helicopters are very interesting.

As is often the case, money was at the center of everything. Living in “the never-ending Truman Show where he never carried money, owned a car, carried house keys, never received a single box from Amazon.” It wasn’t a choice.

Then Charles withdrew the money. Its biggest cost was security from the press and other crazy people obsessed with royalty.Being world-famous is an expensive gig. Diana died without protection. Harry and Meghan may die too.

The death cult didn’t care. I thought Harry and Meghan would make peace with these heartless elders. I’m heading towards Englishophobia now.

When will our Prime Minister take over Ottawa’s Rideau Hall as his official residence? Will no one rid Canada of this violent imposition, this wretched cult?

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