Prime Drinks taste test – rating the flavours of the beverage people are crazy for

prime drink.Photo: Sunil Mida

Prime Hydration Drink will be launched in early 2022 by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul. The pair together on YouTube he has 63 million subscribers.

According to its ingredients, Prime is made with 10% coconut water and contains electrolytes, B vitamins and BCAAs.

A Twitter account was set up with their own app called ‘Prime Tracker UK’. It tracks inventory levels and lets people know where drinks are available. Currently has over 14,000 followers.

Why are bottles so hot? Simply put, it’s social media. Teenagers, young people and children are following social his media trends and seeing the influencer and her friends having a drink on Snapchat and her Instagram stories has made demand even more crazy. It is now. .

prime drink.Photo: Sunil Mida
prime drink.Photo: Sunil Mida

What exactly is hype? I went in for a drink and tasted it myself to see if it was really worth the hype.

Previously available only in Asda supermarkets, many convenience stores have stocked up and are selling above the retail price of £1.99.

H & Jodies Nisa Local is located at 40 Spring Lane, Pelsall, Walsall and sells for £6.99 a bottle, while the Wakefield-based social media Wakey Wines viral store sells bottles for £19.99. I’m here.

After I managed to get my hands on a bottle of H & Jodies, I decided to try the following flavors.

Metamoon: The first bite tastes like medicine. The more you drink, the sweeter the candy taste, especially in the aftertaste. It’s actually not bad when the sweet candy flavor comes through. Not great, but not great either.

blue raspberry: First thought was very refreshing and very tasty. It’s a drink that you can feel the raspberry flavor immediately and want to drink more. Best flavor ever and actually really great.

Ice pop: It tastes medicinal, just like the Metamoon flavor, but without the sweet aftertaste this time. Instead, it has a slightly sour taste. Worst taste ever.

tropical punch: Immediately very sweet, almost too sweet. The tropical flavors are so bright and bursting in your mouth. Very strong and flavorful. Second best.

Overall Thoughts: Are they worth the hype? Probably no. But if you can go to the store and buy without waiting in line and paying too much, it will be worth it. The flavors are great, vibrant and actually delicious.

The drinks are certainly refreshing and if you compare them to Gatorade or Powerrade they are definitely comparable and definitely better. I would never do this outside of this review.

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