Potshotz, one of the state’s first bars serving THC-infused mixed drinks, now open in St. Paul – Twin Cities

A bar serving cannabis-infused cocktails — one of the first in the state, according to its owners — had a soft opening this weekend near the University and Snelling in the space that once housed Hot Rod’s Bar and Grill. .

Most THC beverages on the market today are seltzer, tonics and sodas made by local brewers and producers, but a Midway bar called Potshotz also offers mixed drinks, which they call “Pottails.” Unique in terms of what it offers. Like: Potshots and Pottails, not Shots and Cocktails.

The bar is now open Tuesday through Saturday from 7pm to midnight and offers a wide selection of cannabis-infused snacks such as gummies and chocolates, as well as a wide selection of existing canned and bottled beverages. Potshotz is owned by David Tolchiner, who also owns his Midway Saloon next door and many other properties on this block.

Turchner says that when you open a standard neighborhood bar, you should have classic bottles like Jack Daniel’s, Jim Beam, and Jameson. There are no building blocks. Creative freedom is exciting, but it can also be difficult at times, Turchner says.

A selection of THC-infused cocktails at the newly opened Midway bar Potshotz is shown in this undated photo. said. (David Tolchner/Potshots)

The Potshots menu includes both classic cocktail riffs and newer cocktails. Turchner says “Cannabis Sunrise” includes orange juice and grenadine, but replaces tequila with his THC shot.

The Midway Saloon also has some canned THC drink options, but Turchner intends to create a more relaxed atmosphere than the bar, so he decided to open Potshots in a separate space. We are considering adding events such as stand-up comedy shows, in addition to entertainment options such as and video games.

Another thing that makes Potshotz different from traditional bars is that no one has ever fallen off a bar stool while drinking a weed-infused drink, Turchner joked.

“A pretty happy crowd to say the least,” Turchner said. “As you can imagine, alcohol has an element that doesn’t go well, and that doesn’t seem likely to be the case with someone sitting here drinking cannabis seltzer.”

The availability of hemp-derived THC, or beverages containing the active ingredient in marijuana, has skyrocketed in recent months. This included a Republican congressman who had probably inadvertently voted.

Due to the marginal nature of legalization, weed-specific licensing for bars like Potshotz wanting to serve THC remains “elusive.” I am planning to try the menu.

“We try to test the boundaries of what people want,” he said.

Turchner believes the cannabis bar trend is on the verge of a surge in popularity, much like “mixologist”-driven cocktail bars did a decade ago. But he said that being on the scene first doesn’t automatically guarantee long-term success.

“As soon as we have an idea, someone else will implement it,” he said. Maybe, but not in six months.”

Potshot: 1553 W. University Ave. Soft opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm to midnight. twitter.com/potshotzmn

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