Popular Christmas drink worse than a Big Mac revealed

After several years of quiet Christmases, some of us are, understandably, enjoying our first ‘normal’ silly season since the pandemic.

However, as much as we want to enjoy the festival, it can be a shock to discover just how many additional calories we’re burning from booze alone.

A UK study conducted by market research firm Censuswide and gym chain Fitness First found that the average office party-goer burns 4941 calories while at work.

In general, the recommended daily caloric intake is 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men.

But if you want to have fun while making healthier choices, UK-based nutritionist Terri-Ann Nunns says there are ways to enjoy it while keeping the calories down.

“You can make some really simple swaps to make sure you’re lowering your calorie intake without making it feel less festive,” she said. Sun.

Here are her top 6 alcoholic swaps to help you enjoy the first “free” festivities in years.

1. Swap a big glass of wine for prosecco

Celebrating with bubbles rather than a large glass of wine dramatically reduces calories.

“A large glass of wine has 220 calories, but a glass of Prosecco has only 85 calories,” Nuns said.

“Prosecco often has a lower sugar content, which is also an advantage when it comes to calories.

“A glass of Prosecco gives you 1.5 units of alcohol, while a large glass of wine can give you about 3 units.”

2. Exchange a pint of beer for a bottle of beer

This is a very easy solution. A pint of lager has 210 calories, while a bottle has 140 calories.

“The term ‘beer belly’ doesn’t exist for no reason. Beer can significantly contribute to weight gain,” Nuns said.

3. Swap Long Island iced tea for Bloody Mary

Many of us love cocktails. But it’s probably a good idea to trade in Long Island iced tea. That’s because the popular drink contains a bewildering number of calories, varying between 355 and 770 calories depending on the ingredients used.

“The calorie content of this drink is more than a McDonald’s cheeseburger, if you don’t factor in the looming hangover possibility,” Nuns said.

“If you want a healthier cocktail, opt for something like a Bloody Mary, which will burn far fewer calories, and if you have 150ml of tomato juice and celery sticks afterwards.”

A Long Island iced tea can have more calories than a Big Mac, which has about 564 calories, according to McDonald’s Australia website.

4. Swap a gin and tonic for a gin and tonic

Changing your blender to a sugar-free alternative will cut calories significantly.

A regular gin and tonic has 100 calories, but a slim tonic has just 60 calories.

“If you’re trying to manage your weight, this is a really easy swap and tastes pretty much the same.”

5. Replace dessert wine with sherry

Most of us love dessert wine, but that adds up to about 118 calories.

Only 60 sherry per glass.

6. Turn whiskey into vodka

A single shot of whiskey equivalent to a 25ml measure has about 64 calories.

For a healthier swap, opt for vodka served as a single serving—about 50kcal per 25ml serving.

An expert from Glamor Magazine says, “Doubling a sweet mixer like Coke is about 170 calories per pop, which is more than a beer schooner.”

“So go for a single shot and mix a low-calorie soda with a fresh lime instead.”

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