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In this interview ayemmanuelBenjamin Handein, police public affairs officer in Lagos, said police officials were taking steps to address an incident in which a group of police officers in uniform and drinking beer at a relaxation spot were caught on camera during the festive season. talking about the measures

There was a recent report about a police officer who was seen drinking at a location in police costume. As a police image maker, how would you react?

We made the decision, so there’s nothing more to say about it. I can’t say I didn’t see the follow-up story that all the officers were transferred.

yes, but…

So what do you want to say again? Do you want me to repeat myself over and over to contradict or write something that goes against his previous allegations? I’m not talking about it again, sir. I have come to a conclusion.

I’m getting an update on this issue and a follow-up story about the officer being moved to another station. Did you

Well, that’s left for you folks to analyze and decide. This is what we are doing.

What would you say to someone who says that simply changing the board of directors is not enough? Don’t you think cops can continue their on-duty drinking habits when they’re relocated?

Listen to me, the decision to transfer these people (police officers) was made on December 25th after the lawyer was killed. It was nothing like I had seen. Alcohol was not an issue in those days. So you shouldn’t make it look like you’ve been transferred just because you’ve been drinking. So if they go to a new place they will keep drinking alcohol! Our transfer (decision) had nothing to do with alcohol. Transferred, within a month he was implicated in two (extrajudicial) killings. So, due to complaints from the community, we decided to transfer everyone. People in the community around said they (the police) lingered. When they came to see the police commissioner, they told us: They said they (cops) had lingered and were now mingling with the bad boys in the area and not doing their job effectively.

(We said) ‘Okay, okay, if they’re mixed with bad boys, they can scatter them around Lagos and do their job people who don’t know Aja’s bad boys let’s take the.”

So when it comes to alcohol, it wasn’t the alcohol’s fault that we transferred them. Even if he goes to Ajambadi, he still drinks alcohol. So forwarding is not for that. Because if you say alcohol is causing him to transfer, it’s not the solution and definitely not the solution.

Anyone taking alcohol is left for the DPO to identify him and punish him accordingly. DPO is not a little boy. A DPO is a senior officer responsible for maintaining discipline in his subordinates. So Ajah’s DPO demolished every shack that was there as a way to keep his men from drinking on duty. If you still find ways to get drunk after that, you will be punished accordingly.

Generally speaking, are there any police rules or policies dealing with officers drinking on duty?

Ohga, you are a journalist Go to Google and download Police Act. Download it to find out what it says about disciplinary matters and what constitutes disciplinary matters. But to answer your question, perhaps alcohol or sobriety isn’t exactly mentioned, but anything unprofessional is punishable.

So, if a police officer wears a police uniform and drinks while on duty, are there any penalties?

There is no unilateral punishment. This is not a military court. Even in the police, they are subjected to so-called orderly chamber trials. you will still be tested. It will have a judge. Your transgressions will be read out to you and you will be asked to defend yourself and tell us all about why you should not be punished. Even in court, your defense, your argument, can reduce your punishment, or when they see that you are not remorseful, it can actually increase your punishment. I can’t say for sure, but it is a punishable offense and can range from suspension to dismissal to rank deductions. Everything depends on the outcome of the court.

Do law enforcement agencies have plans to retrain or rehabilitate these deviant officers?

Rehab! Do you have such chronic problems?

Rehabilitation means weaning these drunken cops from their wrong habits so they can maintain their professional ethics.

You are making it seem like they are drug addicts, permanently disabled and unable to perform their duties. No! Don’t paint such a dark picture. It’s not that they are permanently disabled or addicted, but in the same way the new DPOs who accept these people should be able to observe them and make sure they are doing the right thing. Obliged to check. Appropriate action will be taken if any of them do not work properly.

Police officers are human just like everyone else. What do you think is an acceptable way for police officers to celebrate and be merry during the festive season?

wait! Are you bringing Owerri’s problem into this? So how should we celebrate? I don’t understand your context.

What I mean is, in a season of festivities like this, is there a way police officers can celebrate like any other human being without ignoring their work ethic?

I don’t know exactly what you’re driving, but what I do know is that you need to be professional the whole time you’re on duty. Anything unprofessional is unprofessional and should be treated as such.

You wouldn’t think I was dancing in my uniform. You wouldn’t expect me to jump with a ripple, that’s what I mean. So, whether it’s December or not, New Year’s Day or not, when you’re wearing your uniform, look good and behave properly. When I’m not in uniform, I do whatever I want and make a living with myself.

In some professions, particularly when it comes to protecting life and safety, officers are required to maintain professional ethics both on and off duty. What is the Nigerian police stance on drinking alcohol?

Ohga! When I’m off duty, I can stay home with my family and drink as much alcohol as I want. It does not undermine my police duties. I am off duty and not doing my police duty at the time. I can drink alcohol as much as I want. Unless you fall into a gutter on the street and are identified as ‘that’s the gutter cop’. Even the police officer who got caught drinking didn’t do anything crazy. Yes, they tended to be rude because they were drunk, but they weren’t rude by the time your colleague Dayo Oewo took the picture. They were just drinking, they were drunk and that’s why it’s unprofessional. They were in uniform, but if they drank the same amount of alcohol while off duty, it did not constitute a crime and they had not committed a crime. They didn’t behave badly, they didn’t attack anyone, they didn’t coerce anyone. they are just drinking. Anyone can drink. Police work is not slavery and anyone can drink.

But do police officers have the free time to be at home with their families and chill and have a drink if needed? Are they really not busy?

No, I will not answer that question. Go and talk to the police and find out for yourself. Your colleague Dayo was able to take pictures without the cops knowing. (You should too) Try to keep an eye on some police officers. You can see when they resume and when they retire, and you can tell if they worked 12 hours or 24 hours, but I haven’t answered questions like daily routines.

Like all civil servants, we take extraordinary leave, annual leave, medical leave, sick leave and study leave. We are entitled to all leaves too, so I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking for.

Must download police law. We don’t use the word drunkenness, but any unprofessional behavior is punishable and punishable. What would the specific punishment be like you asked me? This ranges from suspensions to rank deductions to dismissals.

There have been far too many reports of extrajudicial killings by police officers, some of whom believe the police’s alcoholism played a role. Are law enforcement really concerned about this sad trend and what concrete steps are being taken to stop this threat?

Anyone who commits a violation will be punished. The first inspector I killed on December 6th is still in custody as I speak to you. The second is Ikoi Prison. So all these punishments are a deterrent to others, that’s what the law says, and that’s what we will continue to do.

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