Police ‘disappointed’ by number of drink drivers on New Years

Wellington police are ‘disappointed’ with the number of drunk drivers after 29 drivers were treated with excessive breath alcohol at checkpoints on New Year’s Eve and morning.

Police said more than 4,000 breath tests had been performed across the region and said they were “incredibly disappointing” to see 29 excessive breath results.

Inspector Wade Jennings said, “It is frankly an unacceptable decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking and endanger yourself, your passengers and other road users.”

“The vast majority of drivers were doing everything right, but unfortunately there are still some who decide to drive after drinking.”

Eight of the drivers were processed between 7am and 10am on New Year’s Day.

Jennings said he wants drivers to be reminded that alcohol can stay in their bodies longer than they realize, even when they’re eating and sleeping.

“If you doubt whether it is safe or legal to drive, the police advice is simple: don’t drive.”

He said Wellington Police will maintain a “visible presence” on the district’s roads during the summer and that “vehicles can be expected to be stopped anywhere at any time.”

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