Pinoys applaud Olivia Culpo’s improved ‘Miss Universe’ hosting

The photo shows Miss Universe host Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe screengrab)

Filipinos cheered Miss Universe year 2012 Olivia CulpoImproved hosting with the latest version of Pageant.

In 2021, Olivia made headlines online as many perceived her to be “lack of energy” when she hosted the last Miss Universe coronation night.

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A few days before the coronation night, Olivia She created a meme of herself to make fun of criticism about her hosting skills.

On TikTok and Instagram, Olivia shared an edited video of herself on a boat, saying,titanic“Soundtrack” ofmy heart will go on” will play in the background.

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On Sunday, January 15th, Olivia was trending again on Twitter in the Philippines. Because many welcomed her improved hosting.

Introducing @oliviaculpo powered by @redbull choz #MissUniverse2022 #71stMissUniverse”, User Online I have written.

“Olivia’s energy is so strong hahaha gay is recovering,” Twitter user Said.

“So far, your sister Olivia’s energy has been consistent. #Miss Universe 2022social media users I have written.

“Naka ​​Energy Drink, Olivia Culpo is amazing,” Twitter user Said.

Besides Olivia, genie my jenkins It also hosts coronation nights.

Meanwhile, Miss Universe 2018 catriona gray and American television personality shear hole This year’s backstage commentator.

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