Philz Coffee offers a chance to warm up and relax this Evanston winter Philz Coffee offers a chance to warm up during this Evanston winter

As soon as I walked in, I fell in love with Philz Coffee’s cozy atmosphere and delicious variety of drinks.

The coffee shop is located at 1030 Davis St., a little further from campus than popular cafes such as Colectivo Coffee and Newport Coffee House.

Sofas are placed everywhere in the store, and there is a table in the middle. Long benches with several pillows line the walls, and more tables are set up near the entrance. The drink bar is in front, so you can see the menu and the pastry case as soon as you enter the store.

After further consideration of one of the most creative and well designed menus I have ever seen, I decided to order the Hot Mocha Tesora. Tesora is the company’s original blended coffee, and it was quite exquisite. It was the perfect blend of warmth, sweetness and great coffee flavor needed in this cold Evanston winter.

There are two types of menu: iced and hot. In addition to our traditional coffee blends, we offer a variety of specialty drinks such as Iced Mint Mojito, Iced Coffee Rosé, and Iced Ginger Snap. I wish I had tried them all.

If specialty drinks aren’t what you’re looking for, traditional drinks like freshly brewed coffee, tea, and hot cocoa are also available. Philz offers a variety of coffee his blends, from light ones like New Manhattan. From medium roast like Tesora to dark roast like Jacob’s Wonderbar.

Philz also has a pastry case with great croissants and other items to satisfy your sweet tooth. The chocolate croissant is one of my personal favourites. Free samples of bakery products are also provided.

Not only was the food great, but the staff were so friendly. When serving my drink, the barista told me to let him know if my drink was not up to par.

Philz is a chain store. That means you can enjoy great coffee and food options even if you’re not in Evanston. Stores are located throughout Chicago, including Wicker Park, Lincoln Park and Hyde Park. If you’re craving Philz but you’re not in Illinois, there are locations all over the country, including San Francisco, where it all originated.

Whether you’re looking for a place to study, relax with friends, or just chill out on your own, Philz is the perfect place to do just that. With great coffee in hand.

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