Pepsi announces ‘new and improved’ zero sugar drink

(WFLA) — PepsiCo announced Friday it will launch a new formula for Pepsi Zero Sugar in the United States.

According to the release, Pepsi has improved the flavor of existing Pepsi Zero Sugar recipes with a new sweetener system.

According to the company, after tasting, the new formula has a “bolder” taste profile.

Pepsi Chief Marketing Officer Todd Kaplan said: “We believe in the taste and are offering up to 10 million free Pepsi Zero Sugar for consumers to try for themselves.”

According to CNN Business, Pepsi Zero Sugar was in stiff competition with Coke Zero Sugar, which had a larger market share over the past five years.

This is also the second change to PepsiCo’s beverage lineup last week. Today, the company reported earlier that it would replace Sierra Mist with Starry, a new lemon-lime soda that competes with Sprite.

Consumers have the chance to redeem free Pepsi Zero Sugar from the NFL Playoffs to the Super Bowl. Click here for more information on gifts.

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