People Are Sharing What Made Them Stop Drinking Alcohol


“I stopped drinking because I was finally ready to stop hurting my friends and family. After I started drinking heavily in college, I continued to get worse due to abusive relationships and other mental health issues. I was drinking all day every day.I got drunk driving and tried to take my own life.I thought I could drink again when my mental health improved but that was a big problem for me.And special events.

It wasn’t until my mother’s birthday relapsed and talking to her to no avail that I finally decided enough was enough. I moved into a sober house and started working on a recovery program. My life slowly started to change for the better. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t put my drink down.

I just celebrated 15 months sober. I can’t believe it took me this long, but I’m so glad I finally made it here. It’s hard work, but my life would have been a million times harder if I was still drinking!”

— Anonymous, 30, Pennsylvania

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