Our fave new drink is from a Huntsville brand called Mocktails for Mommy

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama (Tennessee Valley) – If you’re avoiding alcohol on New Year’s Eve this year, you might be doing yourself a favor by not drinking.

But quitting alcohol doesn’t mean you have to give up fun or fancy drinks. Ashley Hunt-Poole is one of many grown-up girlfriends who ditch wine and cocktails for mocktails.

Her business, mocktails for moms, has become a favorite among both drinkers and non-drinkers in the Tennessee Valley. She was pregnant and had an idea when she couldn’t drink her favorite sangria or savagnin her blanc.

Beyond just pouring a handful of cherries into a glass for festive flair, she’s gotten crafty with her own recipes for alcohol-free margaritas, bellinis, moscato, and even rosé.

Her company sells bottled mocktails and alcohol-free wines, and it’s easy to ask for another glass.

Ashely frequents Mocktails for Mommy’s Facebook and Instagram pages to show customers how to make their favorite drinks. With gorgeous garnishes like fresh fruit, rosemary and sugar her crystals, it’s easy to see why.

It is also recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and those who are not good at alcohol. However, if you want to drink a little, most drinks go well with one he or he two shots.

Ashely will be introducing her latest rosé on January 14th at Sip and Shop. The event will be held at her Kendra Scott on Bridge Street in Huntsville.

Visit mocktailsformommy.com for more information and to pick up your bottle.

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