Non-alcoholic bottle shop Marigold opens in Minneapolis

Marigold offers non-alcoholic wines, spirits, aperitifs, cocktails and beer.Photo: Audrey Kennedy/Axios

January can be dry It’s just getting started, but the new non-alcoholic bottle shop in Minneapolis embraces the cool, curious movement all year round.

News promotion: Honeycomb salon owner Erin Flavin recently opened Marigold in Kingfield after giving up alcohol more than two years ago. This retailer specializes in non-alcoholic (NA) liqueurs, wines and spirits for anyone interested in reducing or eliminating their alcohol intake.

Important reasons: Despite the cool curiosity movement and the growing popularity of NA cocktails, they are often also sold in places that sell alcohol, such as liquor stores and bars.

  • Marigold’s is a boutique-like space that is comfortable, relaxed, and alcohol-free.

What to expect: The bright and cheery store sells NA versions of nearly every liquor store staple, including spirits like tequila, wine, cocktail mixes, and beer.

  • Prices vary, but are mostly comparable to what you’d pay for a mid-range alcoholic version. Wines from $25-35, spirits from $30.

conspiracy: Half of the store is dedicated to legalized THC products, including over 60 beverages and locally-made gummies.

  • “Sobriety is a spectrum. We wanted to provide an option for people who might be interested in trying less THC alternatives,” Flavin told Axios.

What we tried: We sampled NA tequila and NA gin. Both tasted similar to the real thing, but were a little sweeter and didn’t have a sharp alcoholic aftertaste.

📍visit: 3506 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis. Open Monday through Saturday from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Check out Marigold’s tours on Instagram.

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