Non-alcoholic adaptogenic drinks: we test alcohol-free nootropics

Thanks to a ton of new apps, sober influencers, events, and a ton of non-alcoholic beverage launches, sobriety and mindful drinking are a) more mainstream and b) easier to follow than ever before. I was. But while 0% beer may taste okay, it’s still missing something. Take it a step further: A new class of drinks on the market known as nootropics or adaptogenic drinks offer the same energy levels and dance moves as a glass of fizz, minus the morning after a hangover and paranoia. Or go the other way and relax.

Sound appealing? We tested them…

Trial Tip: Bullard Vines Sharp, Bottle £16.99

Tested: Jennifer Savin, Feature Editor

Method: Had a bottle on a Friday night out…

result: After a super busy week these days, Friday night is a completely chilling time. Saturday is a big deal. But in the spirit of testing the white wine alternative, Bullard Vines Sharpe, which claimed to be “rich in electrolytes, amino acids, and vitamin D, and invigorating sunshine,” I ditched my buddies. decided to rope him to a local club.above Friday – Even though I was so tired, I was actually drooling when I got off work.

After a glass and some tunes, I was starting to feel good. Following the entire bottle (which has a pleasantly sharp, dry taste, unlike other overly sugary, alcohol-free wines I’ve tried), I couldn’t stop. When I finally moved on from “pre-drink” and got to the club at midnight, I hit the second wave and danced until 2 a.m. From frenetic moves to crappy ’80s pop, on the FitBit he I recorded more than 6,000 steps. Quite a turnaround for those who dreamed of eating pizza and bingeing under blankets. kardashian family just a few hours ago.

Not cheap, but Sharp warranted strong compliments from me. Anyway, I probably would have spent the extra cash on takeout.

Blurred Vines – Sharp


Introductory Tip: Sentia, £16 for 16cl, £31 for 50cl

Tested: Alice Snape, Contributing Editor

Method: A couple drank while preparing for the festival

result: I love pre-drinks, but I only have a few days to drink a bottle of cava before leaving the house.But I want to feel something when I go out out…can plant-based, alcohol-free spirits hold the answer?

Sentia seems legit. I trust its creator, a neuropsychopharmacologist (sighs). Professor David Nutt literally specializes in how drugs affect us. brain. You know, it makes you feel sociable and relaxed but, crucially, it doesn’t make you irritable or hangover-ideal scenario, right?

I decided to put it to the ultimate test as I prepared to go to a festival on the first day of the actual year. state. But I definitely felt a change of mood with Senita—a musty, floral-like scent that wafts through the bedroom when you burn incense. You can drink it straight, but I mixed lemonade with ice (it’s also delicious with a tonic) to create a summery mulled wine-like taste. It’s a grower, but after two drinks I can proudly say I’m completely converted.

Sentia Agaba Spirit



Trial Tip: Three Spirit’s Nightcap, £24.99 for a 50cl bottle

Tested: Maddy Alford, Shopping Editor

Method: I drank two drinks while lounging in bed

result: I have a hard time falling asleep. I’ve tried a variety of methods, including nightcaps, which have helped me at first, but I find myself tossing and turning later. Then I was intrigued.

One night of the week, as my brain was chaotically going through my to-do list, I circled it. I poured the recommended 50ml over ice and curled up on the couch watching TV. The first smell of fragrant spices and bright citrus herbs tricked my brain into thinking it was actual liquor. but with a slightly bitter edge. I understand that some people might find the taste a little medicinal, but I was hooked on it.

The nightcap describes it as containing “adaptogenic ashwagandha, therapeutic terpenes, and valerian root,” an herbal remedy believed to aid relaxation. Minutes later, I was pleasantly dazed and astonished.

I woke up once during the night (normal for me), but I was back in no time and felt like I had fallen into a deep sleep in the morning. I definitely recommend trying this out to anyone who relies on booze for the sake of drinking.



Jennifer Sabin
Feature editor
Jennifer Savin is a multi-award winning feature editor for Cosmopolitan UK and was awarded Digital Journalist of the Year for her work addressing the issues that matter most to young women.

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