Nobody Stirred The Drink In New York In 2022 Like Reluctant Superstars Jacob deGrom And Aaron Judge

For over 45 years, Reggie Jackson has set the standard for stirring up drinks among New York athletes.

But in 2022, Jacob deGrom and Aaron Judge have at least briefly redefined the concept of a straw that stirs drinks in the Big Apple.

A few weeks after deGrom announced he was opting out of the final season of his contract with the Mets, hours after the judges and the Yankees failed to agree on a long-term extension, the Hall of Fame continued until opening time in December. Three of the taciturn superstars who could be on the track of .

DeGrom was a mythical and ghostly figure for the Mets. He was an ace who performed on a superhuman level, and he was nowhere to be seen for a year. He went from being an integral part of his 2021 season when the Mets took his 5 and 1/2 game lead in his NL East following an elbow injury and finished 77-85. , the Mets on 100-win pace and a healthy division-leading advantage.

The Mets both needed deGrom and had a glimpse into the future without him — a strange juxtaposition, but no stranger than the one shown by deGrom. Shaping the Mets offseason.

Finally, deGrom let his independent streak shine by doing the unthinkable for most people. Back at the Mets, we got a lucrative offer from the Rangers without even seeing if the billionaire who owns the biggest market club ever outperforms it. Hall of Famers have spent their entire careers in blue and orange.

Judge was legendary and ubiquitous for the Yankees — the record-breaking slugger who may have single-handedly prevented the biggest collapse in baseball history. He maintained his winning pace, going 47-44 after that. It started with his three pitchers for the Astros going no-hitter at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees batted .239 with 136 homers and a .740 OPS, while the Judges batted .320 with 35 homers and a 1.163 OPS.

Taking the AL East to safety — after the lead narrowed from games 15 1/2 on July 8 to games 3 1/2 on September 9 — the judges decided to put the Yankees games in the final month of the season. It turned into a must-see game. He broke Roger Maris’ team and his AL home run record, coming a little shy of the Triple Crown.

And the otherwise silent deGrom’s repeated declarations of opting out of the contract offered hints of what he was thinking, but not how contract negotiations stalled. There was no gray area about the judge’s complaints, Brian Cashman later held a press conference to explain. The terms of the contract presented by the Yankees.

DeGrom’s camp has gone underground, calling it an anti-news dump, until a deal with the Rangers was announced on Friday, December 2nd, but the judge said it was a contract snafu, intentional or not. I kept the booze stirring by re-examining the situation. His story on the cover of the magazine published on December 6th. Hours later, the New York Post reported that Judge would likely sign with the Giants.

The next morning, Judge signed with the Yankees, making timepieces coincidences and erroneous reports instantly memeable moments – but this New York drinking stirrer is a reminder that it’s not going anywhere. .

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