Nobel laureate Michael Kremer appreciated Odisha’s Drink from Tap Mission

Bhubaneswar: Nobel Prize-winning economics professor Michael Kremer visited Puri and Bhubaneswar last Thursday and Friday to understand the government’s impact. Orissa’s flagship program “Drink from Tap Mission”.

Michael Robert Kremer is an American development economist and professor of economics and public policy at the University of Chicago. Professor Kremer and his team of five, led by Executive Director of his Development Innovation Lab Benjamin Krause, interacted with consumers and his Jal Sathis during the visit. They are very appreciative of Odisha’s commitment to providing every household, especially the urban poor, with his 24/7 high-quality water and the significant socio-economic impact caused by the mission. I was grateful.

The team also spoke with G Mathi Vathanan, Chief Secretary of the Housing and Urban Development Division to learn more about the Drink from Tap mission, the JAGA mission and other transformational initiatives the division is working on.

Professor Michael Kremer and Professor G Mathi Vathanan discussed areas of cooperation and explored opportunities to strengthen the long-term strategic partnership between the University of Chicago, USA and the Government of Orissa. The senior officer of the H&UD department and his team members who accompanied Professor Kremer participated in the discussion.

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