New Year, New You! Drink more water, it may help slow down aging and prevent disease

A new study from the National Institutes of Health examined serum sodium data from 11,000 people. As you drink less, that number increases.

According to this study, people at the high end of the range are more likely to be biologically older than their chronological age.

They also had a 64% higher risk of developing chronic conditions such as heart failure, stroke, diabetes and dementia.

Dietitian Katherine Krupa, who provides dietary advice in Houston, says that different body sizes require different amounts.

“Drink half your body weight by the ounce,” said Krupa. “So if you’re a 150-pound guy, 75 ounces of hydration fluid.”

Examples of hydration other than water include:

  • soup

  • fruits

  • vegetable

  • juice

  • milk

  • Herb tea

  • Carbonated water

“It aids digestion, aids energy levels, aids hair, skin and nails,” Kruppa explained how important H2O is to the body. “Every cell in our body needs water.

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