Naveen launches ‘Drink from Tap’ project in 19 urban centres- The New Indian Express

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Bhubaneswar: Prime Minister Naveen Patnaik on Wednesday launched a project to provide 24-hour drinks in 19 cities and towns in the state, benefiting more than 5.5 million people. It has long been his dream and a priority for the state government to bring drinking water to every family in the state. Water is irreplaceable for everyone, and he appealed not to waste even a single drop of it. Water should be used properly, he added.

CM said that clean water is very important for public health and the convenience of daily life, and that the facility will greatly improve the living standards of the 5T Initiative people. – Bhubaneswar, Kathak, Nimapada, Berhanpur, Gopalpur, Rookela, Sundagar, Biramitrapur, Rajganpur, Keonjar, Jodha, Budvil, Champua, Anandpur, Balipada, Rairampur, Udala, Karanjia, Viyasanagar.

Puri was the first town to launch a Drink from Tap facility. Even in Gopalpur, his second city in the state, 100% of people have access to the Drink from Tap system. Usha Devi, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, said the supply of clean drinking water is an important program of the state government.

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