Natural Wine, Hangovers, and the Science of Post-Drinking Misery

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A horrible wine hangover is like a nightmare. Throbbing headache, swelling, anxiety, nausea.the hangover many To make matters worse, here in Los Angeles, the relentlessly oppressive sun shines directly into your eyes without your consent. Plant a few more trees for Christ. And it’s not just the bright bullish tyrants in the sky that I have trouble with as I nurse my alcohol-induced misery. EveryoneEven in a town full of antidotes like boat noodles, burritos and gamjatang, it’s hard to recover from a hangover. Man, Xanax is good.

Wine has never really bothered me so I was the first to write it down natural wine As a pretentious, overpriced, aggro-chic fad. Moreover, the wine industry has already kicked me out because of its perceived exclusivity.

As an aside, like many people, I am a person in pain who needs to be on medication. So I started drinking natural wine, and then I started drinking a lot. And when I did, I was surprised to discover that one of the claimed benefits of natural wines was true: the complete absence of a hangover.

The first time I got drunk on natural wine was with my friend, comedian, all-around fun wine boy. Karl HessWe drank a few bottles on his porch overlooking the city and didn’t eat anything, but still woke up the next morning as if shot from a cannon. No headache, no nausea, no discomfort. I slept like a baby

“No hangovers,” I proudly shouted to my friends. But was it true? Is the “naturalness” of wine the reason why it doesn’t give you a hangover, or is it simply a reversal of the natural wine industry propaganda that isn’t factual?

Reading papers and learning about science is a pain, but I had to find out. How can I feel so good the morning after drinking a bottle of wine?

Is “no hangover” really bullshit?

There is simply no science to consistently support the claim that natural wines don’t cause hangovers, and many articles lead with that headline.Drinking Organic Wine Won’t Prevent a Hangoversay timeAll I’ve read is absolutely no evidence that natural wines are guaranteed to save you headaches.

The reason why no blanket conclusions can be drawn about natural wines is that the term ‘natural wines’ is rather broad. For the most part, it means that the wine was produced in a sustainable and/or organic way, rather than by industrial production methods. It’s also a term that roams the waters of popular marketing. “Organic” and “Healthy” When “sugar freeMany so-called natural wine companies capitalize on the fact that consumers want less processed alcoholic beverages.

In general, natural wines contain less sulfites and pesticides than commercial wines (ideally they should be completely free of these additives). , sulfites, and alcohol content (ABV) all vary from bottle to bottle. Additionally, everyone has different thresholds for sugars, sulfites, fats, acids, and preservatives. With so many variables, it’s difficult to conduct a proper hangover study. and science tried.

The relationship between sulfites in wine and hangovers

About sulfites: This buzzword lives at the epicenter of the wine world. It’s basically a food preservative. It’s been proven that high doses of sulfites can cause dehydration, headaches, and trouble breathing—sounds like a hangover. 1 study Although it shows a direct link to elevated sulfite levels that cause headaches, it should also be noted that headaches can be caused by a variety of variables, including the alcohol content of the wine. there is also Sulfite hypersensitivityThe FDA claims less than 1% of the population has it.

around here new york times article“There’s absolutely no evidence that your natural wine hangover is less severe,” says Andrew Waterhouse, director of the Robert Mondavi Institute of Wine and Food Sciences at the University of California, Davis. There is

It’s okay. But what made you feel better after depleting your bank account on natural wine?

my natural wine

Is it just that good food and drink make you feel better?certainly i felt Better when you’re eating less processed food, coffee your mechanic doesn’t serve in Styrofoam cups, and wine you didn’t buy at the gas station.

Book Natural Wines: An Introduction to Naturally Made Organic and Biodynamic WinesAs Isabelle Legeron points out in her book: A fine natural wine. “

The problem, as Legeron points out, is that wine isn’t subject to the same labeling laws as packaged food, so it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know exactly what’s in a bottle of wine. There is often a lack of transparency in the wine industry. The process is so tightly guarded that it’s almost impossible to say broadly that “natural wines cure hangovers.”

The real reason I feel so much better after drinking natural wine may be that most of what I drink is low in alcohol. my sound The one I drank with my partner Carl was 11.5% alcohol. Compare that, for example, Josh Sellers Pinot Noir, a grocery store go-to that carries 13.5% ABV. It makes sense that if you drink less, you get less hangovers.

Whether or not natural wines have been proven to reduce hangovers, you need to listen to your body while you drink, as there is no concrete evidence that they reduce hangovers. When you drink a lot, eat big-ass pizza, and get helicopters out in the middle of the night, it’s time to take your Xanax.

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