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Happy new year! As we enter the new year, we often make resolutions.

Many of these focus on self-improvement, such as exercising more, losing weight, or quitting bad habits, while other solutions focus on self-improvement in other aspects. – Spend more time with friends/family, get organized, adjust your finances.

No matter how good the intentions are when making a resolution, many people abandon it within the first week and many don’t last until January.

There are simple challenges that will help you focus on self-improvement in the long run. The reThink Your Drink challenge encourages people to make healthier beverage choices by consuming water instead of sugary beverages.

The reThink Your Drink Challenge begins January 30th and will run for four weeks. The challenge concept is simple. Drink water every day and record how much you drank. Each week, report the total amount of water you drank that week.

This is an average per employee, so whether you have 2 or 200, you can win this challenge! The group with the highest average water consumption per person wins the trophy and You are entitled to display it proudly.

According to, dentists often tell you to avoid sugary sodas and opt for water instead, but not just because water has no sugar. Because it actually benefits your oral health.

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We often have greater success in getting something done when we come together as a group. Gather your colleagues and join the challenge! Challenges encourage increased water consumption, but in essence, they challenge people to drink water instead of soda, coffee, etc. every day.

Participating companies can display posters and send reminders to employees encouraging them to choose healthier beverages. I think everyone will be the winner at the end of the challenge. The goal is for you to “rethink your drinks” and start drinking more water each day instead of sugary sugary drinks – that drinking water will be an easy choice.

We hope that at the end of the 4-week challenge, you’ll realize the many health benefits of drinking more water.

  • improved brain performance,
  • digestive harmony,
  • more energy,
  • weight loss and management,
  • reduced joint pain,
  • better temperature control,
  • prevention of kidney stones,
  • healthier mind,
  • improved detoxification,
  • Fewer headaches.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that switching from sugary drinks to water can save you about 650 calories a day. In other words, you need to briskly walk for about two hours to burn 600 calories.
Switch to water and go for a walk. Not necessarily two hours, but make an extra effort to get away from your desk and walk the hall, go around the block, or go up and down a few stairs. Feel better!

Did you know that water is good for your dental health? According to, dentists often tell you to avoid sugary sodas and opt for water instead, but not just because water has no sugar. Because it actually benefits your oral health.

There are two main reasons why water promotes dental health.

  • First, it prevents periodontal disease, one of the most common dental ailments, caused by tartar and plaque burying bacteria deep in the spaces where gums and teeth meet. Moistening your gums produces saliva, which along with water helps wash away bacteria that haven’t yet taken root.
  • Second, drinking tap water can help prevent tooth decay, one of the leading causes of dental visits. Tap water contains fluoride to prevent cavities, which bottled water does not. Water is your first line of defense, as tooth decay is also more likely to occur when your mouth is dry.

Small changes in your daily routine can make a big difference in your water intake. Find your favorite water bottle and keep it nearby. Eliminate sugar-sweetened drinks to eliminate temptation. Explore several water flavor options to combine water-based beverage options. For example, add lemon, lime, strawberry, and cucumber slices to your water, or enhance it with fresh mint leaves, basil, ginger, and rosemary.
If you like fizz, try sparkling water or seltzer. You can even add a splash of juice for your pizza. Start the year healthy and join the reThink Your Drink Challenge! To register your business for the reThink Your Drink Challenge, contact Kelly Johnson (218- 851-2997) or contact

The sign-up deadline is January 25th.

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